Saturday 28 December 2013

Generalisations - Wolf in Sheep's attire

I lately realized that some people really invest time to cook up stories and lie. They are so compelled to lie that they lie to even those who have nothing to do with their stories. Such people do not have a Pinocchio nose, might not display typical traits of a liar, but they lie with real conviction!

This post of about generalisations. I hear a lot of generalisations - and sometime I am myself into it. What I believe is that people with small eyes are deceptive, those with piercing eyes are dangerous, those with huge popping eyes are greedy - more of often then never I have seen that these generalisations conflict somewhere. You can best know a person when that person is completely transparent - about the factors you are studying one for.

A friend asked me once that why do I think everyone tells the real story. It got me thinking. How many of us are actually transparent with others? Everyone has an image to maintain, and they fear that image to get ruined, to be judged. I also have an image to maintain, some actions/confessions are reserved to those who I believe will not judge me. This could be a reason for why generalisation exist - people do not show their real self to the world outside, and the world picks up clues from whatever they see or hear and generalise. It could be a case that you are talking to a wolf dressed in sheep's attire.

So if someone has a long nose (considered to be a feature of people who have good administration skills), do not assume that person lies a lot. A person with small nose can be into a lot of big or tiny white lies - which are still lies.

PS: People who think that I believe their lies and cooked up stories, need to know that I mock them. I might not confront you, but I am good at reading a liar.

Sunday 24 November 2013

A part of me

Sometimes when I am up to sleep
A dream knocks on my mind
I am awake and dreaming
and this is what I find

Here's a long road
And not a sight of life
It is all deserted brown sand
and a zig-zag concrete line
I look back
It is similar both sides
Some move back, some move forth
It is a matter of a fight to find me

A part of me moves ahead
A part of me stays there
And a part of me goes back
Here's what I find

I moved back to pick up my broken self
I stayed to wait and see
I move ahead to embrace the unknown
Each part of me was more wiser when they came together.

Author's Note:  There is no right or wrong, it is just that each step teaches us something new.

Friday 27 September 2013

A Hope

I hope that there will be a day when it will rain
And even birds will come out of shades
And they will dance by my side, as I get drenched 
And you will hold me by your side
And you will sing a song or two for me
And just to tell me that I am special for you

I hope that love will find me
And I will find true love in world full of fakes
And I will keep you as a treasure
And I will nurture you, protect you and be at your guard
And I will do that with no condition but one
that is for you to be mine forever

I hope to find love and kind words
And I hope that you say them as I regain my trust in love
And you say them again as you look in my eyes
And you say it again just to make me believe
that no matter how harsh the world is,
how badly I have been tossed over in the name of love
you will always be around and be mine

Author's Note: When Red, in The Shawshank Redemption, said - Let me tell you something my friend. Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane. I buy his point. He says the right thing but with an unconvincing tone. Hope can drive you out of sanity. But who wants to remain sane. Andy was also insane in the sane world that can lock you up if you are

Remember Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies. 

Author's Note: Hope is fulfilled, it does not die.

Sunday 8 September 2013

Reach for your Dreams

Whoever has come to be a being is here for a reason. Finding purpose in your being is perhaps the greatest  task we all are endowed to perform, all our lives. Many of us just go with the flow, take life as it comes, while many just can't get to sleep trying to decipher the reason why you have received God's calling to be on earth.

Does God have a script, and we all are acting as mere puppets to it - is it all decided in advance? Or does the god not know what is to come next, is it like an unscripted movie for him/her? He is also relishing the drama in each one of ours lives?

There could be tiny-miny bits of tasks that could have not been accomplished without you. You might have made a huge difference in someone's life. My question is whether your existence has been of any importance/use to you? What difference are you making in your life that can justify your existence.Are you a dreamer and an achiever for yourself?

Do not sleep over your dreams, let your dreams awaken, make you do something better for your better tomorrow. Each day, while the world broods over the economic losses, falling value of currency, make sure that rise higher - as an individual and as a self-supporter. Learn from the bad experiences, look for good in each situation, be a little pessimist - when it comes to preparing yourself to face the worse, but never get stuck - keep moving towards your goals.

Author's Note: Goals, no matter how insignificant they sound to the world, mean a lot. You need not broadcast them, but while you make way for a good night sleep, your goals could be what make you get a fulfilling one.

Thursday 5 September 2013

Finding Answers

It speaks through me, It speaks when I am locked in the room
It speaks when I look for it in endless hallows of words.
Those words that can make sense to me
Those words that can help sort things for me

Words that seethe through the voice and loud screams
Of the vendor or someone who chatted in a night street
I look for them in silence, try to find words in a blank screen
I try to find them making a sense to me in this world full of mindless logic

I want that illogical desire to become logical
These words drop clues in my dreams
Words that meant the world to me
I try to find answers to the questions that life throws at me

Through words you say, they say and every one said

I pick up those that most conveniently help me believe
In the lies that I keep telling myself
In the silence of night, it is a whole lot of story that repeats in my mind.

 Author's Note: Silence kills, at the same time it nurtures you to be strong, in this world full of hollow, meaningless words.

You might hate it, till you learn to live with it. It is not possible to find answer to each situation that we face, at times just leave it, and move on because from those we seek answers have done that, done that long ago. And your repeated wishes are falling in deaf ears.

P.S.: These are thoughts that cloud my mind when I have 101 degrees temperature, could not help but write them with trembling hands.

Monday 2 September 2013

Belittled in Love

I extended my hand, he held it tight
but if he was to leave, why did he hold it?

I flew, he flew along and left in between
but if he was to wither, why did he fly for whatever little distance?

I ran till the end, he ran farther
but if he was to run further, why did he run along my path?

I waited, he did not notice
But if he did not notice, why did he look at me?

I said I want you, he did not listen
But if he did not listen, why did he lend an ear?

Author's Note: Emotional pain is worse than any physical injury, physical injury heals and people console you. Emotions torment you, your mind makes fun of you for being belittled in love. 

P.S.: Some people, just to satisfy their narcissistic tendencies, tend to belittle others. It is the love for convenience for them. But if someone belittles in love, that person is the world's biggest coward. As Bob Marley put's it in his quote (refer to the image).

P.P.S: What is important is that after being belittled you do not give that person any more opportunities to satisfy his sadist tendencies.

Thursday 29 August 2013

Get Some 'Me Time'

Have you ever been in a situation where you so badly wanted to get an answer and the person you seek response from is just deaf to your questions?
These people are either too bored of your questions, factoring in the fact that you repeatedly ask them, or they are amongst those category of human race who are Escapists. There are innumerable benefits of being an escapist - you do not have to be answerable for some misunderstandings, do not need to dig where you went wrong, you do not care and just live in the moment.

Here's some wisdom for escapists (though there is a possibility of them ignoring it) - Do not fly, fight off bad situations. If possible, make them better, but make a decision. If nothing works, then just let it be - you will not regret later in life.

And for those who seek answers from escapists, you need not find answers in words, but in actions. There are times when you need a 'Me' time, and I am amongst those who make time for the 'Me Time'. I no matter how tried, how unwell, I make sure that I make my way to the terrace and spend some time with myself, it rejuvenates me. No one can answer your doubts as clearly as your own mind, and your intuition.

Author's Note: You cannot wake someone who is pretending to be asleep, is an ancient Navajo proverb. They are the people who will not be of any help either to you or to themselves. They sleep, even while being awake.

Sunday 25 August 2013

Madras Cafe - Review

One man's terrorist is other man's revolutionary. 

This topic has never been spoken about in the Bollywood space, and thus I wanted to watch it. The movie revolves around the assassination of former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi, the LTTE (referred to as LTF in the movie) connection and the role played by RAW. It captured the sentiments of an Army Man's wife, it carried the message about how businesses run countries' national policies, it can become a nasty game. Politics is nothing but the information game and reinstating who is powerful in a region.

West wanted a strong hold in Indian subcontinent and India wanted to avert it, thus decided to intervene in Sri Lankan civil war during the 1990s. It showed failure of Indian military power, world's 4th largest military power to a revolutionay, Anna Bhaskara.

An army man confessing that the killing could have been averted. Although it was not clear to me how could it be averted?

Nargis Fakri role as a war correspondent, Jaya, was real, and her acting was far better than it was in Rockstar. Although I liked her in Rockstar as well.

John Abraham as Major Vikram Singh was naturally a hero. The movie was projected from his narrative perspective. I find John picking up on serious roles as a great decision. Even in Shootout at Wadala, I liked his role.

The songs are just great, I changed my hello tune to one of the songs from the movie Madras Cafe, Mera Kaun hai...

Author's Note: If you can see blood bath, become a war correspondent, and if you will puke when you see blood bath become a romantic novel writer. This though might be reflected in later posts.

P.S: I still have the image of Rajiv Gandhi's assassination intact, as we watched it on TV. And for a 7 years old me, it was something thrilling, full of horror.

P.P.S: This reminds me of an incident about one of the top business houses in India. There was a negative story about the business house carried by the Forbes Magazine. The Corporate Communications head was being targeted at by the company management for providing sensitive information to the media. Based on mere acquisitions, he was house arrested for 2 months, and threatened by the mafia. He ended up committing suicide. This is not an old story, happened recently, something like 2 months back. But there is no action that can possibly be taken against the company, because there is no proof.

Thursday 22 August 2013

Adam teasing - Do they have a say?

We have had innumerable examples of eve teasing. Today, my question to all the girls and guys, have you ever been involved in Adam teasing? Here are some confessions from guys: 
  • Subir said, a  hooker approached him! And of-course it was kinda teasing session, whilst she asked chalega kya?
  • Manas admitted being Adam teased, but did not divulge much information. But he said that initially it is more of a question on one's manhood, but then after sometime it is a feel good factor.
  • Gagan was still thinking if that ever happened, and said damn man it never happened with me, and after that he seem a little disappointed.
  • Sandeep said nope, never. I asked his to recall, but the answer was no.
  • Someone anonymous had an elaborate take, where in a gang of girls were after this fair guy. It was not only they were calling him chikna, but also interrogated if he has a girlfriend. It took an awkward turn, and ultimately he called them didi, kicked his bike and left. Another instance he shared was more in terms of harassment, where he had to shout at this girl in a party to get rid of her.
I witnessed long long time ago, when I was out with a girl's gang. It was one of my friend's birthday and a hunk walked by at Eatopia, India Habitat Centre. All the girls hooted at the guy, who was seemingly pretty okay with it. As it was a crush at first sight for the birthday girl, one of the girls went ahead and got his number.

I have never been involved in Adam teasing, except for times when I indulge in a brief chat with friends if we get to cross past a hunk. And if the hunk happen to live in the vicinity of my friend, there is some grave moral pressure on that friend to know more about him, as this girl is single, ready to mingle.

Now the point to ponder, when does teasing become harassment? It is the limit till the recipient is playful and enjoying the commentary. There have been times when I enjoy being the recipient of someone's comment, as long as their intent is to compliment you in a playful fashion. The problem starts when it takes a form of an adult being bullied? When ever it crosses the comfort level of anyone, the comment becomes morally rotten.

Author's Note: We have laws against eve teasing, but do we have anything for the Adams being teased?

P.S.: Thanks to all those who came forth to share their brief encounters with Adam teasing.

Saturday 17 August 2013

Gold Filled Broken Trust

Trust, if lost once, cannot be regained. So are relations, there is some bitterness likely to remain and that does make it ugly. One of my friend kept telling me that once a cup is cracked, it will never be the same. I somehow felt that it can be the same and one day I came across this image on Facebook.

I just could not help but bring it to my friend's notice. This quotation convinced me that broken trust can be re-established, made more beautiful. I believe that quotations have deep meaning, and no matter what your emotional state is, while scrolling through Facebook wall you will find something that speaks of your state of mind.

On seeing this image, I went into a self realisation mode and tried to mend something that was broken for years, and after 1 month of trying I realised that I was not being a logical person, but an emotional fool. I did not care what everyone else suggested to me and just went on with whatever I could do to mend it. I realised that I should not try to fit in the lives of those who do not want me in theirs. It is painful to see them closing the door on my face. It is hurting to see that you do not find any place in someone's life who you thought so high of. But it is good to get clarity and I admire their straight-forwardness.

There's a catch in such a situation - The Reality Check. Is the image you carry, of the person in question, real? Sometimes we are so engrossed in our beliefs that we fail to acknowledge the pitfalls. I realised that I was just being human by being emotional, but it is not that emotions are welcome everywhere.

Author's Note: When in doubt, you back to the time when you suggested a friend what to do while your friend was in a tough situation. Your suggestions are more for you to implement and follow.

P.S.: Post this, my friend reiterated, no matter what you fill the cracks with, the cup is still cracked.

P.P.S: Here is Shesha's take on  the topic, Click here to read: Tale of a Gold-filled Broken Bowl.

Friday 16 August 2013

The Devastating Dream

As still smog passes through a running train and,
the milk vendor waits at the railway crossways.
I get up in the morning,
with a cold smell of something burning.
It was up the hill,
in the woods that the forests caught fire.
They say it was the whirl-wind that caused the calamity,
I say it was you in my dreams that brought this fire.

Herds of sheep were running hay-wire,
and some horses were visibly tired.
They wanted to sleep, and rest in their home,
that got burned, it was the same place that caught fire.
I was wide awake, out of the dream and,
it was not me who wanted to sleep.
It was the tantamount need of having you with me,
That my mind was never without you even in dreams.

They stayed outside my chalet,
and it appeared that my lawn was their new home.
I got up and fed them with fodder,
offered them some water to drink.
I was happy to have them there,
as I know you would never come.
They will not fill your void,
but I will have many to dream of.

Author's Note: Sometime all that you need is a clarity and your mind is at peace. In dreams we reach for what our heart wants and does not take into consideration the reality. I dreamt of many things and some of them will become reality.

P.S.: A lame poetry with a lame mind, thank you for your time.

Sunday 11 August 2013

Mysteries of Love and Mind Games

"Love is like a wild flower, always found in unlike places."
You cannot condition your mind to love, not love or hate someone. However, no matter how you feel you are likely to test if the feelings are mutual. So there is a great possibility that you may try and put them in situations to know how they react. Then you will be able to lift clues, assume and infer what they feel for you.

It is easier in case of people you hate or do not love but when it comes to love, here's something this image profoundly explains:

How do you know if it is Love? Mind games do not work in case of love. If you are into such games then it is not love, it is more of a strategic, thought through decision to weigh your options. In love, you often overlook the bads and just go with the goods in a person. But the point is that you have to accept both the bad and the good. It is a completely different individual that you are considering here and not your clone. Refrain from thinking that you will change the person, get the one who closely fit your image.

For me it is love when (please add on to the list in the comments section)

  • You get a text from him when you are thinking about him
  • You call her when she is just to step for an exam and you wish her luck
  • No matter after long you meet, it feels that you have been meeting forever
  • You do not have to explain your goof-ups to someone
  • You are sure that you are not just an option for someone

Love is simple, it is when someone cares too much for you. So what is it that matters, why do relationships fail, why do we complicate them? When people suggest that you be practical, it could sound hackneyed, and I bet you do not fall in this trap, you believe that you are different and better be treated like one. You break the rules, go against your principles, defy mindsets and just do what ever you feel could be done to get the answer to - If s/he genuinely loves me?

But in the end, you just have to live with the reality - take a stance - walk away or stay.

Author's Note: Perhaps that is the reason that I am so against the concept of so called arranged marriages. All that they want to know is how much money you make and are you a good cook. People hardly invest time in understanding the other person and start imposing the 'what you have to do to be the one for me' considerations.

P.S.: You never really stop loving someone, you just learn to live without them.

P.P.S.: Miseries of love sounds like a better title for this ;p

Wednesday 7 August 2013

It Awaits You

The thought of walking in a tunnel, all darkened, quite and perhaps echoing your footsteps can be scary. But the wise men say that there is light at the end of it.

This has a deep meaning in itself. While we strive for enlightenment, attainment, success and material accomplishments, we often fumble, stumble and fall. Some of us find a treasure while being in the dark, while some have to get out there, find the light and be free.

This reminds me of my favourite movie, The Shawshak Redemption, where the protagonist Andy,played by Tim Robbins, finds his way out of the jail by digging a tunnel for 2 decades. If you have seen the movie, you know how filthy it was to make a way out of a narrow gutter, but what lied ahead was what kept him going.

I derive immense motivation from this movie, whenever something seem to not be working, not hapenning - I turn on my laptop and tune into it. I know that you do not get what you want in life, you get what you work for. Therefore, to find light at the end of the tunnel, you should be willing to walk in the dark, perhaps walk alone.

Author's Note:
The light that is at the end of tunnel awaits you, get up and do something about it. God might have a plan for each one of us but we have to execute it to make it happen. The tough times are just signals from thee almighty!

Thursday 1 August 2013

Love your Life

Yeah, right we keep cribbing about the should haves, would haves and could haves of the worlds. But now that when these are not realised what to do?

I am feeling content today that I did not leave an opportunity to talk my mind out, and no matter what - if you put across the truth you will be content. In this phase of emotional rigmarole, I often felt like a fool, but in the end I was sure of what I do not want from my life.

They say if you want to amuse God, tell him about your plans. 

While I fight hard to achieve what I plan, I sometimes picture god smiling at me and not amused. I feel that the god wants to tell each one of us that no one in this world knows what is to come next. Everyone is clueless, some just go with the flow, some get up & do something and some rely on others to make things happen for them. I am amongst those who will get up, and do something about it.

My pet line cannot be discounted here - the fittest survives. Do not let failure bog you down, find lessons in them and get up - if need be change your strategy - keep moving - like a river. This life is meant to be relished, each chapter in your life holds a lesson, make sure that you do not regret - take chances with it. There is no book on how to live your life, it's you who knows the best. Take chances, make mistakes and smile at them.

Author's Note: Leave no room for regrets! If you feel you did something wrong, do something to mend it.

P.S.: Love your life, it comes just once.

P.P.S: If you love life and love my being a part of your life, do drop in a few lines :)

Saturday 13 July 2013

Tick tock don't stop!

It takes me two days to wrap up my birthday celebrations.. And this one started on a lasting note. I did a few strange things, got carried away emotionally, but I do not regret them. I have the power to make good happen to me.

The best times during the celebration were:
- Nevitta's pout
- Rain and I got drenched (can't help it) and the fear on my sister's face that I will get hit my a bike.
- Nando's and my Kareena's pose picture :D
- No cake facial.. Sigh!
- My best buddies were with me on the D day <3 br="">

I am thankful for many people to be a part of my life, each one, the good ones, the bad ones, the ones who ended up hurting me and the ones I wish were with me right now. Thank you for being there and listening to my endless blabbers.. Those who know me know what it is like when I get into blabbering mode.

If all ends well, I will be ticking 30 next year.. wink. A very happy and rocking birthday to me..

Author's Note: I have resolved to look at things with a positive perspective and shoo away the otherwise.

Friday 14 June 2013

Modi - The Prime Time Indian Tamasha

Secular state is meant to be a state where the government does not recognise the existence of any religion. Is BJP moving towards it? After the failed Hindutva shield, now we are witnessing a grave wave of Modi-ising BJP. Hinduism is not a word I get to hear in news anymore, and Modi promises to be the face of Indian democratic (read authoritarian democracy).

People feel that if you will get elected, you will replicate the Gujarat model to India. I foresee that you are going to be the Indian Prime Time Tamasha for some time now till we zero-on on the Prime Minister for 2014-2019. I wish to know will you be able to manage inflation better? and how will you do that? Will there be more opportunities for me to grow professionally? Will there be more jobs? Will I be able to travel safe at night or even during the day time? How much of my salary will be exempted from taxes? Will there be no power cuts?

But besides these typical questions, I wish to discuss something with Mr Modi. I do not care if he is a challenge to the congress party, whether he will adorn the throne of the Indian Prime Minister, whether his right-wing policies will help India shine or sparkle, but I have an ideological disconnect with him...

Disconnect 1 - Inflicting terror in the name of Religion. Does the burning of a train by allegedly a sect of society justify a civil war? I remember when I was in some conference and a Star News anchor shared his experience while covering Gujarat during the riots - He said ambulances were parked, police personnel stationed at the riot site, but no one was ready to help the injured. Ultimately we used the Star News van to take the injured man to the hospital. How will you ensure that you will not hide in your shell if you are the national ruler and some riots break somewhere?

Disconnect 2 - Choking the freedom of speech. When Indian Media, BBC, CNN extensively covered the riots, why was Al Jazeera, Arab based news channel, not permitted to cover, or for that matter even enter India? Tell me will you let me write my blog or will you be causing turmoil on my tweets? (much like Mr. Sibal has been doing lately)

I am wondering that why is Mr Modi not addressing people like me? Mr Modi, can we talk across the table and discuss our concerns, rather than trying to put across justifications to outsiders and being in news about Whartons of the world.

Author's Note: Once I was crossing North Campus, saw a poster, I tried to click the picture but it did not come out well. I thought I will click the next day.. But the next day there was no poster. The only thing I read on the posted that Modi is trying to unite the nation, and was paying a visit to my city. Political rivalry you see.

P.S.: Those who think that they are an appointed spokesperson for Mr Modi are more than welcome to comment and try hard to change my mind.

P.P.S.: To my friends, if you find me in jail once this post goes live, do come to pay me a visit or two.

Sunday 12 May 2013


It shouts for peace when there is pin drop silence.
It wants to be lonely when I am alone.
It wishes to break free when I am not bound.
Something holds me back and I fail to understand who.

It is a challenge to know what is it that can free me from the inverted acclivities of life. It often makes me slide to the bottom, shattering the palace where I felt safe and sound.

It is like still waters, which refuse to move.
It is fuller and content in itself but doesn't roar.
It seems like a giant mass but is of no use.
It just waits, for the unknown and the uninvited.

When struck with such a stagnation, waiting is the only option for many. Waiting for something undefined.

It kills, for me to know there is no getting away.
It suffocates, for me to know that I am still. 
But it is a false statement that there is no getting away.

The cage that you limit yourself to is never locked! You don't get to choose what you eat inside a cage, it is only when you are out in the open. Unless you take the step ahead, your view is blocked. Take one mini step and you will see that a door to salvation.

Author's Note: Philosophical mode, and the thoughts are on my blog!

Monday 11 March 2013

Kill the crime

It was while listening to the FM in morning that I got to know Ram Singh, the prime accused of Delhi/Nirbhaya Rape Case, has committed suicide. He used his shirt to hang himself and to bid a good bye to this world. I do not know if it is something to be happy about. There have been innumerable protests, social media campaigns and media crusades against the heinous crime.We have made all the hue and cry about the need for justice for Nirbhaya. But, I have a question running in my mind, is it justice delivered? Was it meant to end like this?

My apologies to those who might find it outrageous that I am comparing him with the legends. But may be in his mind, Ram Singh might have tried to be a Chandra Shekhar Azaad of the present times. If you can't win, don't let other's decide your fate - shoot yourself with the weapon. He had a shirt and may be a place to hook it up, and even a chair or a stool. Pheww now that's a lot of maybe's.

(Angel for one devil for the other - For us Azaad was a patriot, but if you see it from the perspective of Britishers, Azaad, Bhagat Singh and other revolutionists were labelled as criminals. That is for me to discuss later ) 
Ram Singh led the crime and now the leader is dead leaving his 5 accomplice (including a minor) in a soup. He was the leader for the day, but he succumbed to whatever... I doubt he would have felt ashamed, even for a moment, for his deed.

Although some doubt that two of his inmates, who were also present in his cell, might have killed him, making it appear as a suicide. Some even think that the authorities at Tihar could have planned to kill him like this. And for those spiritual lot, Nirbhaya's spirit might have driven him to commit this act.

Author's Note: There were varied opinions, many were happy. What I noticed that people have been indicating on FM and public platforms that if the culprits of Nirbhaya rape case do not get a stiff punishment, killing them will be a cause in the hands of a common man. When a common man wants to get up and kill the culprits, would not it be a proliferation of crime - at the mass level?

Point to Ponder: Who will take the responsibility for the crime of killing the criminals? It is important to kill the crime, and criminals will vanish!

Saturday 9 March 2013

Broken yet intact

We cry
We break
We lose hope
We lock ourselves
We wish that time stops

This could be the time when all you thought of in life isn't falling in place, you lost a near one, you failed in your ultimate aim, you don't have anyone to confide, and innumerable situations forcing you to stay aloof.

But ultimately, we get back to our normal lives. The getting back phase may be long or too long. In the end we come out intact, with scars and surely with a lesson.

Who said that life was meant to be a pre-set passage. If you have felt that life has failed you. Get up and change your strategy to reach your goal rather than changing (read ignoring) your dreams.

Author's Note: The rule of the nature is that the fittest survives, others are either scavengers or are left to die.

Sunday 3 March 2013

Love and acceptance

Despite having someone willing to accept you for the way you are, why do you not love? What is it that stops you to fall in love?

It could stem from your fear to allow someone enter a space that has been reserved or is it because you fear the consequences of falling in love, investing emotions and fearing what if it falls apart. The sooner you get attached to someone, the greater and hard hitting would be the falling apart phase. That is to think beyond the looks and the package a person brings, you need time to know that person.

The moment you get attached to a person, for whatever qualities, consider to question yourself - Is it an intrinsic quality or a fancy package? And for a fancy package you will not know until you unpack it. Does that intrinsic quality that this person bring gel well with my ideologies? or will you have to compromise on your identity? There are red flag situations - a fancy package and the compromise!

The biggest turn off is when a person starts to indicate that you will have to compromise being yourself in order to be with the other. If s/he wants to you change now, then it will be no surprise if s/he will have you as a puppet for life - telling you what to wear, what to speak and what to eat. There is nothing wrong about having a set of expectations for that someone special, but it is better to have those expectations inbuilt in a person than to customize an already existing person into someone you want.

P.S.: Love counts amongst the things that are as important as being alive. Stop giving into societal considerations to fit in someone as an ideal partner - fat, dark, traditional or whatever.... Society is a set of herd - sick, stinking and pathetic. The day you accept the person, stop directing your actions based on set conventions, will be the day when society will focus its attention elsewhere!

Author's note: And if someone is telling you, from one's experience, that there is not a single thing good about being in love or being married, here's something to focus your thoughts on: We sing more loudly when the person we love is far away and whisper poems when he is near. In a nutshell, critics exist everywhere to talk ill about anything under the sun but good things are kept hidden for the evil eyes of the world.

Wednesday 27 February 2013

As I think of you

As I think of love, I think of you!
For all the beautiful things in the world,
I reckon it was your style.
For all the best feelings in the world,
I reckon it was when you were around.
For all the meaningful words in the world,
I reckon were the ones when you said them.

For the years that we parted, I have realized!
It was never you who was special,
But I was the way you made me feel.
It was not you who I fell in love with,
But your charm did the magic.
It was never you who I missed,
But your voice just went amiss.

Author's Note: Going back in time! This one comes from the old files. 

Monday 25 February 2013

Passion Parade

There is a creative Maven in each of us, who can either be nurtured or be suffocated. 

Here is a reference from my favourite movie, Jab We Met. When the male protagonist, Shahid Kapur tells Kareena that there was a time when he use to sing, and now it has fizzled away. 

This fizzling away of your talent, totally depends on your intent to follow it. If you are really passionate about something, you will chase it until you have it like your breath. This is very much my relationship with my blog, at times I feel that my schedule does not allow me to take up my passion. But a guilt keeps poking me!

My passion is writing. While I write the flow of my thoughts gives me a sense of life. The flair that I have managed to gather, tells me, as words get crafted on the screen, there is a moment with each of them. Like breathing.. Like the tick tock of a clock!

Discover that passion, find it if you have lost it somewhere in the past and work towards strengthening it. In this journey, you are likely to keep discovering newer aspects about you. You will never know if you can cook round chapati's untill you starve for a home cooked roti.

I remember that long ago, it was someone who wanted to be a photographer. And she became one! One of her masterpieces is lifted in this post. To view some of her other pics, Click here>>

P.S.: A motivational element always helps who will tell you that the pessimism of  some people is not worthy to suck your passion. This post is dedicated to Anupriya Karmakar, who often captures my pictures, which you get to see on my facebook profile. She has been motivating me to help me get in shape with my blog. And I am hopeful that she will get visible with her passion soon.

Author's Note: There are more critics in the world than those who appreciate. So never get conked off with those who let you down. 

Sunday 24 February 2013

Kai Po Che - Checked!

Many a times you come out of the theatre, wondering if this is what you expected of the movie. For Kai Po Che, I knew how it would shape - It was a revival of Chetan Bhagat's Novel - The Three Mistakes of My Life. However there is difference in my visualisation and the way a director projects it when a novel is scripted in a movie.

There was a revival of one more thing from the past. It being Abhishek Kapoor's directorial venture, and coming from my experience of Rock On, I had high hopes from this movie, which were met. Movies around sports mostly do well in our country, remember Chak De, Iqbal, Lagaan, and.... please go on to google search for more.

Kai Po Che has a pinch of everything: friendship, love, hatred, violence, enmity, loss, passion, aspirations, risk, entrepreneurship, regret, and much more. All in all, this is more than a one time watch, yes because of the story line and for the visuals captured. I simply wanted to jump off the cliff with them when the three best buddies had a gala time on a Sunday and yes not to forget mentioning a car drive on a wagon (''o). You have got to watch it to know it. However, the only thing I did not understand was why this name?

On a serious note: While we keep calling a neighbouring country as a source of infiltrating terror, which obviously is wrong, there is a more serious situation here - terrorism breeding in the name of Hindutva. And now with the elections coming in 2014, BJP is on an image cleaning spree, I am happy if the political party has learnt a lesson, for not been able to come to power during the last two General Elections.

P.S.: I wish after watching this movie people will stop justifying violence during the Gujarat riots, as a counteraction for sympathising with those who were killed in Sabarmati Express attack (official count 40). People who were killed in riots (official count 2000) were not the ones who attached the train.

Author's Note: Stop Religious profiling, and it will start with neither BJP nor Congress but you!

Saturday 23 February 2013

Beware - Male Chauvinist Around

If you are a man and I call you a Male Chauvinist Pig, what will you understand of it? Would you, in the first place, get an idea of it?

I have found a stark contrast in the mentality of some educated men who can be totally balanced against the mentality of an abusive alcoholic husband. Both the categories fall in the segment of Male Chauvinist Pig.  Here comes what I have picked up about Male Chauvinist Pigs from my experience so far:

He lacks chivalry: He might have got together a few acts to impress you - he held the door for you while entering a restaurant. But what counts is if he will hold it while you exit.

He gives False Hopes: Knowingly he might give someone false hopes and wrong signals. And then suddenly tell you that I am confused!

He crosses the limits you set: If you have been setting limits, and he intrudes that space, then it is taken that he is a loser. A real man will allow a woman to go by her heart, and there can never be a case when one does not know one's limits - not just in action but also while talking.

Show-off runs in his blood: He has all the stuff to show off to the world, and ultimately would want to make you into a Barbie doll and flaunt you around. The day you gain weight, he will leave you!

Will be your appointed critic: He will tell you that you are wrong, either out-rightly or drop mild clues, almost for every action of your. He would criticize and say that since you are close he needs to tell you. He  will decide how many breaths you should take in an hour!

If you have noticed these clues in your boy, get your mind together girl, he can be a total mamma's boy. It is not that being a mamma's boy is wrong, but he will from the very start work towards building a fear in you about his mommy, just to indicate that you have to please her and be her slave. His mommy might not be bad.

For every argument that you will have with him, he might leave you in a state of big dilemma, totally making you feel sorry and get back to him. Rethink about it, do you really want to be with someone who wants to change you, who does not give you space to grow as an individual, but as an abla naari, who just cannot do without a man next to her.

P.S.: My friendly, unfriendly, no-more-friendly and Blocked being friendly encounters have taught me this. Although most of the times I get along well with guys, but the Chauvinists just pester me off, they are the Male Janaanis (Punjabi word for over-analytical women).

Author's Note: An abusive alcoholic man is better than an educated man with such a mental structure, for the reasons that he is honest with his mentality  and expresses it bluntly. An abusive alcoholic man can still be treated with psychological intervention, but hopes for a Male Chauvinist Pig are too bleak.

From necessity to insanity

From necessity to insanity is becoming the mother of all inventions. 

It starts when the few avail the first mover advantage, and then you find many people with it, and the worse of all is to find a cheap version of it. Hope you can relate with it.

Micromax A100 - I hate the ideator of this handset, infact, no thinking has gone into it , it is a copy paste of Samsung Galaxy series. Even Samsung has been so upset that it was quick to counter the competition with  Micromax A100  (a 10 grands handset) by launching Samsung Grand Duos (costing 21 grands), keeping quality and brand in perspective.

Isn't it insane that someone creates a product, and others insanely copy it. and yes, it is very much in context of the reason for which Apple sued Samsung.

The problem emerges when you are a proud owner of a Samsung Note 1.

And one fine day - your colleagues walk upto you, wanting to see your mobile. Suddenly you see a that as one of your colleagues held your phone in one of his hands, he held a similar phone in his other hand. Perturbed! I found out that Micromax has launched a phone to compete with Samsung Note.

The embarrassment continues when your best friend's husband calls and interrogates about your Handset, with ofcourse an intent to bring Micromax in the discussion!

Suddenly my handset lost all the admiration, except for from special few, and that totally includes me, who is truely, madly, deeply in love with my baby, my Note <3 ...="" p="">
With this post I declare my enmity towards Micromax, I pray to god that he gives Samsung the will and wisdom to sue Micromax.

Author's Note: Necessity is driving people to insanity. It depends on your outlook - would you call Facebook insane or something you can't do without (typically the case with me)?

Thursday 21 February 2013

Heights of Heels

All my childhood, I was let down by snooty loud mouthed aunties and specifically relatives, that I am short. As a child, it made me feel that I have something amiss in me. The day I went to college, was the day I noticed that I was never short, I was a height of an average Indian female - I stand around 5'2".

There are a lot of interesting things that happen to people who wish to stand taller than they originally are. Nothing is wrong in wearing a heel, it lifts you a little higher, makes you feel feminine, but it can also give you a shoe bite, or a foot pain besides being something that makes you uncomfortable. But the worse of all is - picture this - a girl with all the confidence walks with her high heels on a busy street and suddenly you cannot see her.

She just tripped - somebody will give her a hand to get up, ask if she is alright, and some might blast laughing at the scene. But there is something that is happening deep in the girl who just tripped. It tells her - told you not to get high, and be what you are - smile graciously or may be laugh at it (as long as you did not fall with nose hitting the floor) and get up!

P.S: No matter how tall or short you stand, how obese or anorexic you are, no matter if you don't fall in the conventional matrix of - fair, beautiful, slim girl or a tall, dark, handsome boy, know that you are unique and not a carbon copy of someone. People (like the laughing passer by) have all sorts of comments to make, to bruise your esteem, but that reflects on them, not on you.

Author's Note: Start accepting the way you are, the world will envy you for your differences. 
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