Saturday 17 August 2013

Gold Filled Broken Trust

Trust, if lost once, cannot be regained. So are relations, there is some bitterness likely to remain and that does make it ugly. One of my friend kept telling me that once a cup is cracked, it will never be the same. I somehow felt that it can be the same and one day I came across this image on Facebook.

I just could not help but bring it to my friend's notice. This quotation convinced me that broken trust can be re-established, made more beautiful. I believe that quotations have deep meaning, and no matter what your emotional state is, while scrolling through Facebook wall you will find something that speaks of your state of mind.

On seeing this image, I went into a self realisation mode and tried to mend something that was broken for years, and after 1 month of trying I realised that I was not being a logical person, but an emotional fool. I did not care what everyone else suggested to me and just went on with whatever I could do to mend it. I realised that I should not try to fit in the lives of those who do not want me in theirs. It is painful to see them closing the door on my face. It is hurting to see that you do not find any place in someone's life who you thought so high of. But it is good to get clarity and I admire their straight-forwardness.

There's a catch in such a situation - The Reality Check. Is the image you carry, of the person in question, real? Sometimes we are so engrossed in our beliefs that we fail to acknowledge the pitfalls. I realised that I was just being human by being emotional, but it is not that emotions are welcome everywhere.

Author's Note: When in doubt, you back to the time when you suggested a friend what to do while your friend was in a tough situation. Your suggestions are more for you to implement and follow.

P.S.: Post this, my friend reiterated, no matter what you fill the cracks with, the cup is still cracked.

P.P.S: Here is Shesha's take on  the topic, Click here to read: Tale of a Gold-filled Broken Bowl.


  1. You write so well. One can feel the emotions you have mentioned here. I love the way you express them here. As discused before I posted a reply to the same on my blog. Some moments of contemplation on your post. You really compel me to think Shine. I hope I was able to do justice with your post through my reply! Do check it here:

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the topic. You always present a realistic view of the situation, somethings in life are meant to teach us. I feel that I have been more like a kid, with pure simple feelings. But, as you rightly mentioned in your post, it totally depends on the other person to be willing to sort things out. It is a mutual thing.
    Love you a lot for being there :)

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