Thursday 22 August 2013

Adam teasing - Do they have a say?

We have had innumerable examples of eve teasing. Today, my question to all the girls and guys, have you ever been involved in Adam teasing? Here are some confessions from guys: 
  • Subir said, a  hooker approached him! And of-course it was kinda teasing session, whilst she asked chalega kya?
  • Manas admitted being Adam teased, but did not divulge much information. But he said that initially it is more of a question on one's manhood, but then after sometime it is a feel good factor.
  • Gagan was still thinking if that ever happened, and said damn man it never happened with me, and after that he seem a little disappointed.
  • Sandeep said nope, never. I asked his to recall, but the answer was no.
  • Someone anonymous had an elaborate take, where in a gang of girls were after this fair guy. It was not only they were calling him chikna, but also interrogated if he has a girlfriend. It took an awkward turn, and ultimately he called them didi, kicked his bike and left. Another instance he shared was more in terms of harassment, where he had to shout at this girl in a party to get rid of her.
I witnessed long long time ago, when I was out with a girl's gang. It was one of my friend's birthday and a hunk walked by at Eatopia, India Habitat Centre. All the girls hooted at the guy, who was seemingly pretty okay with it. As it was a crush at first sight for the birthday girl, one of the girls went ahead and got his number.

I have never been involved in Adam teasing, except for times when I indulge in a brief chat with friends if we get to cross past a hunk. And if the hunk happen to live in the vicinity of my friend, there is some grave moral pressure on that friend to know more about him, as this girl is single, ready to mingle.

Now the point to ponder, when does teasing become harassment? It is the limit till the recipient is playful and enjoying the commentary. There have been times when I enjoy being the recipient of someone's comment, as long as their intent is to compliment you in a playful fashion. The problem starts when it takes a form of an adult being bullied? When ever it crosses the comfort level of anyone, the comment becomes morally rotten.

Author's Note: We have laws against eve teasing, but do we have anything for the Adams being teased?

P.S.: Thanks to all those who came forth to share their brief encounters with Adam teasing.


  1. Here's a funny story -

    We were staying in Hartford, CT. My roommate, who was about 26 years old, 5'7" and 65 kilos then, decided to go to the grocery store on Park Street. Most people avoid walking on Park street after dark for security reasons.

    Displaying bravado, he walked up to the store after 7 pm and bought his bread and eggs. Walking back towards our apartment, 2 afro-american girls, each about 6 feet tall and 90 kilos started following him.

    They started with some comments and eventually started pushing/nudging him by the shoulder. Although scared, he chose to ignore and just walk on. Few seconds later, a policeman patrolling in his car, seeing the incident pulled up his car on the curb and uttered loudly on his mic - "Girls, leave the kid alone". :P

  2. Haha, this is ultimate :)
    Leave the kid alone.. hehe

  3. Yes I agree with you here, to a point teasings and flirtings are enjoyable, but when it crosses that comfort level, it becomes morally rotten thing. Though I dont really enjoy passer-by comments, comments from strangers. Though I smtimes like the attention suddenly from a decent hunk passing by- a gaze of admiration!
    The thing Sandeep has shared it sounds scary. Remember once we discussed the possibilities of how will a guy be teased if it happens- and registered it in a blog as well!
    I am amused but not really- things should be joyful at both the ends like you said!
    Good post Shine.

  4. Thanks Shesha. True that things should be joyful for both. My amusement stemmed for the policeman's comment, would that ever be a case in India - Policeman telling two women to leave a man alone? I wish!


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