Thursday 1 August 2013

Love your Life

Yeah, right we keep cribbing about the should haves, would haves and could haves of the worlds. But now that when these are not realised what to do?

I am feeling content today that I did not leave an opportunity to talk my mind out, and no matter what - if you put across the truth you will be content. In this phase of emotional rigmarole, I often felt like a fool, but in the end I was sure of what I do not want from my life.

They say if you want to amuse God, tell him about your plans. 

While I fight hard to achieve what I plan, I sometimes picture god smiling at me and not amused. I feel that the god wants to tell each one of us that no one in this world knows what is to come next. Everyone is clueless, some just go with the flow, some get up & do something and some rely on others to make things happen for them. I am amongst those who will get up, and do something about it.

My pet line cannot be discounted here - the fittest survives. Do not let failure bog you down, find lessons in them and get up - if need be change your strategy - keep moving - like a river. This life is meant to be relished, each chapter in your life holds a lesson, make sure that you do not regret - take chances with it. There is no book on how to live your life, it's you who knows the best. Take chances, make mistakes and smile at them.

Author's Note: Leave no room for regrets! If you feel you did something wrong, do something to mend it.

P.S.: Love your life, it comes just once.

P.P.S: If you love life and love my being a part of your life, do drop in a few lines :)


  1. Yes amuse God by telling him about your plans. Its His game and we are mere pieces on the chess board. When we lose or fall down/apart, we realize that we were walking on a wrong path and there comes a need to change the strategy or the path. Come whatever may, love your life. A blog post full of optimism and confidence. Keep it up Shiney! :)

  2. God has a plan for each one of us and we have to get up and execute it. Thanks Shesha, love you loads <3. Thank god for keeping you in my life as a part of his plan :)


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