Friday 16 August 2013

The Devastating Dream

As still smog passes through a running train and,
the milk vendor waits at the railway crossways.
I get up in the morning,
with a cold smell of something burning.
It was up the hill,
in the woods that the forests caught fire.
They say it was the whirl-wind that caused the calamity,
I say it was you in my dreams that brought this fire.

Herds of sheep were running hay-wire,
and some horses were visibly tired.
They wanted to sleep, and rest in their home,
that got burned, it was the same place that caught fire.
I was wide awake, out of the dream and,
it was not me who wanted to sleep.
It was the tantamount need of having you with me,
That my mind was never without you even in dreams.

They stayed outside my chalet,
and it appeared that my lawn was their new home.
I got up and fed them with fodder,
offered them some water to drink.
I was happy to have them there,
as I know you would never come.
They will not fill your void,
but I will have many to dream of.

Author's Note: Sometime all that you need is a clarity and your mind is at peace. In dreams we reach for what our heart wants and does not take into consideration the reality. I dreamt of many things and some of them will become reality.

P.S.: A lame poetry with a lame mind, thank you for your time.

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