Sunday 25 August 2013

Madras Cafe - Review

One man's terrorist is other man's revolutionary. 

This topic has never been spoken about in the Bollywood space, and thus I wanted to watch it. The movie revolves around the assassination of former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi, the LTTE (referred to as LTF in the movie) connection and the role played by RAW. It captured the sentiments of an Army Man's wife, it carried the message about how businesses run countries' national policies, it can become a nasty game. Politics is nothing but the information game and reinstating who is powerful in a region.

West wanted a strong hold in Indian subcontinent and India wanted to avert it, thus decided to intervene in Sri Lankan civil war during the 1990s. It showed failure of Indian military power, world's 4th largest military power to a revolutionay, Anna Bhaskara.

An army man confessing that the killing could have been averted. Although it was not clear to me how could it be averted?

Nargis Fakri role as a war correspondent, Jaya, was real, and her acting was far better than it was in Rockstar. Although I liked her in Rockstar as well.

John Abraham as Major Vikram Singh was naturally a hero. The movie was projected from his narrative perspective. I find John picking up on serious roles as a great decision. Even in Shootout at Wadala, I liked his role.

The songs are just great, I changed my hello tune to one of the songs from the movie Madras Cafe, Mera Kaun hai...

Author's Note: If you can see blood bath, become a war correspondent, and if you will puke when you see blood bath become a romantic novel writer. This though might be reflected in later posts.

P.S: I still have the image of Rajiv Gandhi's assassination intact, as we watched it on TV. And for a 7 years old me, it was something thrilling, full of horror.

P.P.S: This reminds me of an incident about one of the top business houses in India. There was a negative story about the business house carried by the Forbes Magazine. The Corporate Communications head was being targeted at by the company management for providing sensitive information to the media. Based on mere acquisitions, he was house arrested for 2 months, and threatened by the mafia. He ended up committing suicide. This is not an old story, happened recently, something like 2 months back. But there is no action that can possibly be taken against the company, because there is no proof.


  1. another plus one to this movie from you. I am hearing great reviews on it. Thanks for sharing the feedback. The topic seems interesting. Though I dint like Nargis in Rockstar- I felt she spoiled the broth, I dont find John that great either. But the reviews are compeling me to go for it... I will for sure! :)

  2. A gripping plot, great direction and screenplay. Each performer have their best.


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