Friday 26 February 2010

Union Budget 2010

I had the privilege to be associated with live Union Budget 2010 (Video) / Union Budget 2010 (Text) viewing session organized by a prominent Industry Chamber today. Union Budget is the detailed Annual Financial Statement as per Article 112 of the Constitution of India, presented each year on the last working day of February by the Finance Minister in Parliament. The budget has to be passed by the House before it can come into effect on April 1, the start of India's financial year. 

Amongst the very many flagship announcements made by the finance minister, the introduction of a symbol for Indian National Rupee struck my imagination, how is it going to be? Would it bypass the elegance of the $, class of a ₤, discipline of the ¥? Suddenly I realized that the minister does not has any visual aid with him, and the announcement will leave us imagining about the symbol till they actually come up with a new one.

Walkout staged by the opposition further to its disagreement on excise duty/hike in petrol & Diesel prices by Re1, according to me was rude to the sentiments of Nationality, as I believe the budget session is discussed in the parliament, and the opposition has every right to express their grievances. On the contrary I also feel that the effectiveness of governance depends on the activeness of the opposition, certainly not by walking out, but by getting themselves heard.

The Budget slashed the taxation slab for taxpayers. At last the minister proclained that this is the budget for aam aadmi, the farmer and an entrepreneur. He said that India has the potential to grow by 10% in coming future. 

After the session Industrialists were suppose to participate at panel discussions held by various news channels.  NDTV had a lavish setup in the open at India Habitat Center, followed by CNBC. The behind the show glitches, on which channel will get which speaker continued. CNBC and NDTV had the biggest of battles as both wanted the first slot. Times Now, Headlines today were the next and the most flexible of all was Zee Business.

Author's Note: This was the first time that I sat through listening to the entire Union Budget speech.

Thursday 25 February 2010

Sports overpower politics

The classical examples where sports overpower politics. 

All in office were pumped up, staring at the TV screen, applauding each time he hit the six! While sitting on my chair, I turned back and tried to understand, what is it about? Ok thats Sachin and whos the other batsman? Is that Dhoni, Sehwaag, ? Could not really make it out. Sachin Tendulkar overpowered the Union Rail Budget 2010. His 200 not out score, a first double century in the 39-year history of One Day Innings (ODI), tendulkar now has 46 centuries in ODI and 47 in Test.

Frenzies took over in my office and everyone started betting who will fetch the lead story in next day's match - Mamta Banerjee's Rail budget or Tendulkar's scoreboard. I preferred to stay out of conversation as I am no more a cricket fan. 

And now the run down:
The Economic Times - Delighted Sachin, spreading his arms, face held up to the skies, thanking the almighty for hitting the record
The Financial Express - Mamta with folded hands with an update on Union Budget
The Hindu Business Line - picture of a shady politician, who cannot even pronounce the names of places where she is going to provide rail connectivity, no Sachin on page 1
The Indian Express - Top part of the page has the Tendulkar! Mamta figures in at the later part of the page
The Times of India - Sachin Tendulkar on the front lead
Hindustan Times - My sister hinted, its no mamta didi. Tendulkar fares

Happen to catch up with a school mate in the morning, his opinion, "Di you know Rail Budget to har saal aata hai, Tendulkar rocked, he will make up in the headline." 

I remember how madly I use to love cricket when I was in 9-12 standard. Every new addition in the team was added to my crush list. I had minuscule details of the match held last and discussed it with my pals. I hated when people criticized Rahul Dravid , coz I had a sort of evergreen-crush on him.

Author's Note: Also I happen to analyze, why do we have a dedicated Union Rail budget, that comes a few days before the Union Budget and not a dedicated budget on infrastructure, poverty eradication, education. All other issues except for Rail and taken on in a single day - that is generally the last working day of February. The practice was started by the British rulers to reach every nook and corner of the country, and it was being followed later by Indian policymakers. This idea was well reflected here .

About the headline part, Sachin Tendulkar rocks!

Monday 22 February 2010

A few whys~

Why is the number of comment on the blog post are inversely proportional to the number of lines?
Why is it that the weekends waves a buzzing goodbye and weekdays are never out of sigh?
Why do I have more to talk when I know you gotta catch a flight?
Why do I wanna stay when its the time to say goodbye?
Why do I wanna run and leave everyone behind?
Why do I wish I had wings to fly?

Author's Note: Many such 'whys' exists for all of us. Please add on your version of the 'whys'~~

Monday 15 February 2010

Buzz Around Valentine's

My commiserations to the lover fraternity who couldn't celebrate the Valentine's day on the 14th, given a Sunday and parent questioning post all the hype created by news channels about the eve. So on the 13th decided to take a stroll in the market to study the revelry a day before. To my anticipation, most of the couples were together, celebrating the day in advance. 

As I had plans to go out on the day i.e. Sunday, no VHP / BJP / RSS or allied body demonstrated their anger, over celebrations of Valentine's day. Though their protests hardly bother me, I have faith in my self proclaimed punching/slapping and hitting capabilities that I decide to move out of house. Moreover when I introspect I believe  that I am capable of fighting with five people at a time - so a typical example of the fact that looks can be deceptive.. 

Too much of blabbering about something thats beyond the point, getting back to the D day celebrations! Many of my friends questioned on facebook, whether we need a day to express love? I don't have any opinion about it! All I feel that if we don't need a day for out Valentine, than do we have to celebrate a day to acknowledge the onset of a new year/mother's day and the likes? At last I feel that the day provides an opportunity to convey to significant people that you care, it could be your best friend or a boy friend. 

Author's Note: I use to dread moving out of home on V - Day, as young turks start acting foolish. This time I did go out and stood corrected about that years old misconception. 

Sunday 7 February 2010

Pleasing the Goddess

Hindu College is all set to worship Damdami Mata. For all the priests out there, who don't know about the legendary goddess should brush their knowledge. Delhi University North Campus students who don't know about this Valentine's day ritual should work a bit as a campus scribe.

The boys in the college worship Damdama/Damdami mata to bless them so that they can find love of their life. No body knows who started this ritual, but it has been followed with dedication for years. Last year Katrina Kaif played as the goddess, and this year under all possibilities its going to be Priyanka Chopra. 

The rite starts with a puja of Virgin tree, decorated with balloons, where all the guys of college collect and pujari is Mr. Fresher. As the Valentines day this year falls on sunday, when colleges are closed, the rite will take place on 13th February 2010's evening.

Going back to some 8-10 years I recall an incident where a friend told be that they would rather propose a girl with a cauliflower on valentine's day than to splurge on a rose petal. The cost of rose jumps to astronomical figures during the festive time. 

Author's Note: Now that the Valentine's day is approaching, I have gotta shortlist the most prospective valentine I am gonna head out with ;P

Thursday 4 February 2010

Call for peace!

I don't hate Pakistan, neither do I love her!

I don't hate probably because I happen to have refuge ancestory, who came to Delhi during partition. Since childhood I have been narrated stories of how my grand-parents braved crossing border, how many lost their lives during partition, how some witnessed rape, were helpless, they could not blame anyone! Some of my relative still live in Pakistan as during the time of partition they could not come to India. I might sound similar to many fellows. I don't love because I have never been to my ancestral land, don't know how it smells early in the morning. I am not familiar with the narrow lanes of its cities. But I guess that once I will go there I will feel familiarity with the country courtesy the tales that have been naratted down generations. 

The ongoing IPL controversy has made me to publish this post on how much I hate my own country men. People like Parveen Togoria, Bal ThackerayRaj Thackeray, Narendra Modi; organisations like RSS, VHP, BJP, MNS! The domocile politics shaping into communal big ticket vote banks, which time after time issues fatwas on Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan to go to UP and Pakistan respectively. The mob mentality of localities who spread violence across Mumbai. Are they feeding Indian populace on what to speak? I wonder how can they have a strong political base in Maharashtra? I am very angry.. and wish could do something about it. I hope that Judicial Activism come of age in India in interpreting the constitutional rights, fundamental right where a Shah Rukh Khan calls for peace amongst India and Pakistan by inviting Pakistani cricketers to play at IPLs. Isn't it a cute friendly gesture, a call for peace? 

Author's Note: Big cities need people with big hearts. I am a delhiete and extend an invitation to all Indians to come to Delhi. So next time when some tom dick harry like Bal / Raj  Tharkey (its no typo error, I mean it :p) suggests someone in a shabby tone to exit Maharashtra, Delhi welcomes them with an open arms!

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