Monday 22 February 2010

A few whys~

Why is the number of comment on the blog post are inversely proportional to the number of lines?
Why is it that the weekends waves a buzzing goodbye and weekdays are never out of sigh?
Why do I have more to talk when I know you gotta catch a flight?
Why do I wanna stay when its the time to say goodbye?
Why do I wanna run and leave everyone behind?
Why do I wish I had wings to fly?

Author's Note: Many such 'whys' exists for all of us. Please add on your version of the 'whys'~~


  1. Well true there are lot of Whys in everyone's life.. Just writing of a few that bugs me the most:

    - Why I am always sleepy on a monday morning?
    - Why I keep snoozing my alarm for an hour?
    - Why all my watches are 15 minutes ahead of the actual time when I know it?
    - Why things that are restricted tempt the most??

    And the list goes on :D

  2. Why do you encounter people when ur with the one u don't wanna be seen with?

  3. @Nish - Im sure you wud have many more~~

  4. A real cool site! Creatively designed. Way to go, Sine Kapoor!

  5. @ PC Vinod Kumar - U spelled my name incorrectly. I take it as an offence :p


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