Thursday 25 February 2010

Sports overpower politics

The classical examples where sports overpower politics. 

All in office were pumped up, staring at the TV screen, applauding each time he hit the six! While sitting on my chair, I turned back and tried to understand, what is it about? Ok thats Sachin and whos the other batsman? Is that Dhoni, Sehwaag, ? Could not really make it out. Sachin Tendulkar overpowered the Union Rail Budget 2010. His 200 not out score, a first double century in the 39-year history of One Day Innings (ODI), tendulkar now has 46 centuries in ODI and 47 in Test.

Frenzies took over in my office and everyone started betting who will fetch the lead story in next day's match - Mamta Banerjee's Rail budget or Tendulkar's scoreboard. I preferred to stay out of conversation as I am no more a cricket fan. 

And now the run down:
The Economic Times - Delighted Sachin, spreading his arms, face held up to the skies, thanking the almighty for hitting the record
The Financial Express - Mamta with folded hands with an update on Union Budget
The Hindu Business Line - picture of a shady politician, who cannot even pronounce the names of places where she is going to provide rail connectivity, no Sachin on page 1
The Indian Express - Top part of the page has the Tendulkar! Mamta figures in at the later part of the page
The Times of India - Sachin Tendulkar on the front lead
Hindustan Times - My sister hinted, its no mamta didi. Tendulkar fares

Happen to catch up with a school mate in the morning, his opinion, "Di you know Rail Budget to har saal aata hai, Tendulkar rocked, he will make up in the headline." 

I remember how madly I use to love cricket when I was in 9-12 standard. Every new addition in the team was added to my crush list. I had minuscule details of the match held last and discussed it with my pals. I hated when people criticized Rahul Dravid , coz I had a sort of evergreen-crush on him.

Author's Note: Also I happen to analyze, why do we have a dedicated Union Rail budget, that comes a few days before the Union Budget and not a dedicated budget on infrastructure, poverty eradication, education. All other issues except for Rail and taken on in a single day - that is generally the last working day of February. The practice was started by the British rulers to reach every nook and corner of the country, and it was being followed later by Indian policymakers. This idea was well reflected here .

About the headline part, Sachin Tendulkar rocks!


  1. Perfecto! Long live Sachin, but Rahul Dravid is special and will always be my favorite.

    Mata had a tough time batting against Sachin.

  2. Yeah Arpit...
    I find most of the politicians sick~~

  3. Oh yes he did Rock and I agree with your friend too about Rail Budget coming every year :)

    He truly made our country proud!!

  4. It proves that no one can compete the Maestro.........Master Blaster...Sachin 10dulkar...Mamata even couldn't score out...pronouncing a word look like a tough task to her where as Maestro on his best….

  5. @Nish - Im proud of him too

    @Arvind - 10dulkar is something new to me

  6. grt blog n nice way 2 say Sachin we Adhore u
    grt work shine
    start writting a book u wil excel in dat 2

  7. Nice one gave me a reason to think...especially the ET comments about the cricket coz i'm least interest in it! :)

  8. gud one shine & hats off to sachin the gr8.....Jose


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