Saturday 29 December 2012

29 December - National Shame Day (India)

Six men brutally raped, battered a 23 year old girl and and her male friend. To know more about the case, Click Here>>

India fights back for justice and safety of every girl. That led to insensitive remarks rolled out by sexist politicians, which I strongly believe is representative of what the society thinks. President's son's remark - painted and dented women are protesting, which led a row amongst activists.

As a crisis management exercise the girl's body was moved to Singapore, where she died experiencing two cardiac arrests in the air ambulance.

Despite promulgation of section 144 and 66 A, protests continue in New Delhi and on social media, to go on till the time she finds justice.

Today I don't have words to express my anguish!

Amid all this drama, we need to discuss the gravity of the crime? my question is how would you define justice in this case? Hang them is the most common phrase on the placards held by protesters. But is it justice delivered? Whatever the verdict be, it should set an example for all.

The Government, the society, the attitude, the crime, the people, the rapists are all a part of us. Look inside and find how have you been a party to such crime? Have you accepted an attempt by a passer by to brush past you or have you fought for your dignity? Kill that criminal in you, speak out and support those who speak up. Look through the veil of societal bounds and give dignity every chance.

This girl fought, till the end, but succumbed to the injuries she bore. She had been oblivious of the protests, but she wanted to live.

PS: Although it's a day to mourn, I wish to talk about a constructive observations. Men are coming out in numbers to support the cause. And that's precisely the reason why India doesn't need feminist movements like the ones in Saudi Arabia. What we need is to instill in the minds of the society that a be it a man, woman or a child, each one of us have an identity. Respect that!

Author's Note: Hope this movement becomes a revolution. I will do my part by lighting a candle outside my house to support the cause at 7 pm today.
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