Monday 15 September 2008

A Wednesday - should have been a non fiction

I wish someone would actualize this fiction!

This flick is a day's account of planning by a "stupid common man" which shook Mumbai's administration. It attempts to convey to the people, it attempts to educate the administration, it attempts to inform the terror! The movie has three dimensions attached to it as to! Namingly, how the administration looks at it? What do the terrorists think of it? And what a common man does?

It begun with a “stupid common man” – named? Anonymous! He visits the police station to file a complaint of his lost wallet, and successfully places a bomb in the Mumbai Police Headquarters. Follows a call to the top cop warning him of bomb blasts across Mumbai, which can be avoided if 4 terrorists were relieved. The negotiations proceeds in a very strategic way. In the meantime he informs a TV journalist to keep himself abreast with live developments on the idiot box.

This is no melodrama, it shows how confidentially and abruptly the police force gets to the act, to knowingly surrender to the demands of an anonymous. Side by side the police arrange a professional hacker, a college dropout by choice, to crack the location of anonymous. Mildly mentioning the laxity on technology updation by the police department, the hacker gets on to the task assigned. Also they try to fetch the sketch os the person who came to file the FIR for his lost wallet, as the police man who filed the case made out that this bag was with the same man.

Assigning deadlines to every negotiation, the anonymous finally succeeds in getting the terror mongers to the desired location, the Air force base. He orders the police in a con-call to follow as he says, make the four of terrorists stand at bench close-by and step out of the place immediately. They followed his orders, but left only 3 of the terrorists at the spot assigned so that they don’t loose the hold on the situation. Walking merely a few steps, a mobile phone set below the bench rings. One of the terrorists picks it up and they explode to ashes.

The explosion leaves the police clueless. The fourth terrorist is terrorized. Again a con-call with the anonymous reveals that he is a common man trying to take revenge from those who blew apart his acquaintances, people whom he did not know by name, but met then everyday in the train and said “hello” to them. He demands the fourth terrorist to be killed then only he would reveal the location of the bombs, and the same should be verified on TV. He got the news, “four terrorists killed in a bid to run away. They were being relocated. Police had to kill them”. Hacker’s computer screen blinks with the location of Mr. Anonymous.
His last call to the top cop says “there were no bombs”. ACP Rathor consents to him by saying that I know, and heads towards the location which the hacker cracked. And Mr. Anonymous destroys his apparatus and rushes out of the place with his vegetable bag.

They met, had a brief chat, not about the incidence, just a normal chat, what’s the time? ACP Rathor was sure of the identity of Mr. Anonymous as he had the sketch of the person who came to file the FIR. They introduce each other, but Mr. Anomymous remains anonymous for the audience. For the ACP, name depicts ones religion – which is the cause of concern.

rOcK oN !O!!

Lets get to the serious business, its no child's play, but we all can find association with it. Its called 'dreams, aims, motto, objectives and aspirations'. Rock On! presents a true depiction of music and spirit, of dreams to fulfillment, from pals to passion!

The movie begins with a bang and ends with a bigger bang. Its a story of four friends and shapes up as how destiny brings them together to actualise an unfulfilled dream.

Some ten year ago Aditya the singer, Joe the guitarist, Rob at the keyboard and KD strums the drum. Today Aditya is well hi-flying investment banker, Joe is still looking for work, Rob is working as a music composer and KD is with family's jewellery business.

Ten years ago, they got an opportunity to make a music video. The boys wanted the video to serve as a platform to establish their music band
"Magik". But the notoriously cunning producer mended their theme and the ended up spiting the group.

In a fit of anger Joe walks out or the shoot with a tough blow on the producer's and Aditya's faces. Aditya withdraws and went on a hiding in Delhi. Rob and KD are clueless and Aditya's girlfriend helplessly grief about the incident.

Ten years down the line, Aditya's wife tries to reunite the friends and they decide to reform their Rock Band
"Magik". Ultimately the Magic happens on a sad note, Rob had brain cancer. Debbie, Joe's girlfriend turned wife wants Joe to follow a secure profession and was strictly against him singing for Majik.

Ultimately it turns out to be an ideal story, where they sing at a concert and take the crowd along with a passage across the oceans. The movie conveys that one should follow her/his heart, and passionatly work towards achieving dream.

Please comment with how did you like the flick.

Mirroring the terror!

I was at Gaffar some ten – fifteen minutes before the blasts! I would have been in Central park at the time of blast.

For terror it’s easy to blow, because they don’t believe in the power of construction. As they are not a party to the Indian booming story, so they wish to form an account to deconstruct the economy.

“Revenge of Gujarat” is what they call the series of blasts that terrified Jaipur, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and New Delhi. After Gujarat riots, as per the estimates made by a media report, close 2 lakh Muslim kids will never get to interact with Hindu counterparts. Such a scenario is helpful in facilitating hatred.

The passage from Gaffar to my home was an unusual sort on September the thirteen, 2008. Everybody had a question, but they did not know who is the right person to address it to. A simple question which spells with varied faces as:
Why do they blast bombs? Am I safe? Are my family members / friends safe? Will I reach home Safely? God forbid if I get to hear any mishap to my near or dear ones? The restlessness on the faces of people around spoke volume about the terror they witnessed. Every passage seem as if some curfew has been imposed and we can’t exercise our right to freedom, right to move freely in our own city.

Many theories will come up, but for me the real answer lies in mending the ways we at times through authoritative judgments for the people of other community.
Live and let live! Why we can’t just do it??

I felt ashamed for the Delhi state and the Indian central government, who came out to condemn the attacks. But what concrete solution can we follow to actually curb such tendencies? Do they not know that terrorists can blast, and do we not know that the government and top officials will condemn these prospective blasts?

Saturday 6 September 2008

Tahaan - depicting innocence in lieu of conflict

The beauty of art movie lie in the fact that they convey the message in the most sensible ways. They depict the reality with minimal shades of grey!

I herewith begun with one more blog to my credit themed on movie reviews.

The movie,
Tahaan is about a family in Kashmir, the chief wage earner of the family is missing and all the members are longing secretly for him to come back. A child, Tahaan loves his donkey Birbal, which was gifted to him by his missing father. He pledges to get his pet Birbal back after finding out that Birbal was sold off by his mother to a Kashmiri trader, after his grandfather passed away due to cold stroke. The trader further sold off the donkey to an old vendor, who has lost his entire family except his nephew and grandson.

Tahaan loves Birbal so much that he would cross the LOC a thousand times to get him back from a tough old man who vend apples across the LOC. A series of events unfold through the script, as the child mistakenly fall prey of the militants. I lieu of getting Birbal back to him an innocent looking militant manage to convince Tahaan to help him get a grenade across the LOC. Upholding the innocence of an eight year old, the climax brings back his father and his beloved Birbal to him.

The major issue of Kashmir has been related to a child, who heard bombardment across the border and often find the army strolling on the street besides his house. The child braves the curfew and a raid at his house. In this directorial venture by
Santosh Sivan, the child actor, Purav Bhandare stands out with his conviction and inquisitive appeal to the theme. The video captures compliment the audio.

I welcome your comments!

Thursday 4 September 2008

Ohh my American pie, its rotten and dry

Is the proposed nuclear deal between India and America misleading? Is the west misleading India?

The secret letter written by Bush administration to its Congress that spells it out very clearly. “The US will terminate nuclear trade if India conducts a nuclear test.”
As per the reference, the United States will not sell sensitive nuclear technologies to India and would immediately terminate the nuclear trade if New Delhi conducted a nuclear test.

India, a country of many faces and races, is facing a challanging question, can India afford to remain illequiped with nuclear technologies and armaments? A nation located strategically, sharing borders with countries like China and Pakistan, which are notorious globally for their nuclear proliferation. Don't we need some backing to rely on ourselves or do we need the consent or assistance of the United States when the glorious neighbours come falling on us?

Seems like the left could not put it well. They moved out of the coalition, but the concern is being actualized. Rather than pitching for Nuclear trade, India should be more concerned for getting a permanent seat in the UN security council (at present held by the priviliged N5 Nations). I believe many of the waivers will wipe off, without harming the strategic policies of the country.

One simple question I would like to ask: Is India self sufficient with its nuclear technologies or does it really need to fetch the expretise from the west?

Please Comment!

Wednesday 3 September 2008

Save Water, Save Petrol

We talk of saving - Save Water, Save Petrol. This phrase comes as a monotony to me. Well this monotony may be bettter understood as a contrast. The contrast which says, lets carefully and responsibly use and manage our consumption of water, otherwise days of dearth are not far.
'Days when water will be traded against gold' may be understood as a contrast.

As a matter of fact, trading of water is at its initial stages, many corporate are taking lead in offering door to door drop-in services for water trading. Those who can afford it are amongst the previliged lot. Many urban households have set up water mending machines, I mean water purifiers etc. We the metropolitan lot get it, clean and pure.

But those residing in the interiors dont even get proper sanitation facilities.
For them when it rains, its floods and when it doesn't its drought.

Can we all pledge to use water responsible?

So my dear readers, can we really do something about it? What lead can we take in curbing dearth of pure water. Please Comment!!

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