Saturday 6 September 2008

Tahaan - depicting innocence in lieu of conflict

The beauty of art movie lie in the fact that they convey the message in the most sensible ways. They depict the reality with minimal shades of grey!

I herewith begun with one more blog to my credit themed on movie reviews.

The movie,
Tahaan is about a family in Kashmir, the chief wage earner of the family is missing and all the members are longing secretly for him to come back. A child, Tahaan loves his donkey Birbal, which was gifted to him by his missing father. He pledges to get his pet Birbal back after finding out that Birbal was sold off by his mother to a Kashmiri trader, after his grandfather passed away due to cold stroke. The trader further sold off the donkey to an old vendor, who has lost his entire family except his nephew and grandson.

Tahaan loves Birbal so much that he would cross the LOC a thousand times to get him back from a tough old man who vend apples across the LOC. A series of events unfold through the script, as the child mistakenly fall prey of the militants. I lieu of getting Birbal back to him an innocent looking militant manage to convince Tahaan to help him get a grenade across the LOC. Upholding the innocence of an eight year old, the climax brings back his father and his beloved Birbal to him.

The major issue of Kashmir has been related to a child, who heard bombardment across the border and often find the army strolling on the street besides his house. The child braves the curfew and a raid at his house. In this directorial venture by
Santosh Sivan, the child actor, Purav Bhandare stands out with his conviction and inquisitive appeal to the theme. The video captures compliment the audio.

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