Wednesday 3 September 2008

Save Water, Save Petrol

We talk of saving - Save Water, Save Petrol. This phrase comes as a monotony to me. Well this monotony may be bettter understood as a contrast. The contrast which says, lets carefully and responsibly use and manage our consumption of water, otherwise days of dearth are not far.
'Days when water will be traded against gold' may be understood as a contrast.

As a matter of fact, trading of water is at its initial stages, many corporate are taking lead in offering door to door drop-in services for water trading. Those who can afford it are amongst the previliged lot. Many urban households have set up water mending machines, I mean water purifiers etc. We the metropolitan lot get it, clean and pure.

But those residing in the interiors dont even get proper sanitation facilities.
For them when it rains, its floods and when it doesn't its drought.

Can we all pledge to use water responsible?

So my dear readers, can we really do something about it? What lead can we take in curbing dearth of pure water. Please Comment!!


  1. right, we really need to save water and petrol also. its need and only we are responsible for it..

    Anne Cole
    Waste Water Services

    1. Thank you for stopping by. It is time mankind took responsibility of the resources - we cannot pass it on to the next generation.


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