Thursday 4 September 2008

Ohh my American pie, its rotten and dry

Is the proposed nuclear deal between India and America misleading? Is the west misleading India?

The secret letter written by Bush administration to its Congress that spells it out very clearly. “The US will terminate nuclear trade if India conducts a nuclear test.”
As per the reference, the United States will not sell sensitive nuclear technologies to India and would immediately terminate the nuclear trade if New Delhi conducted a nuclear test.

India, a country of many faces and races, is facing a challanging question, can India afford to remain illequiped with nuclear technologies and armaments? A nation located strategically, sharing borders with countries like China and Pakistan, which are notorious globally for their nuclear proliferation. Don't we need some backing to rely on ourselves or do we need the consent or assistance of the United States when the glorious neighbours come falling on us?

Seems like the left could not put it well. They moved out of the coalition, but the concern is being actualized. Rather than pitching for Nuclear trade, India should be more concerned for getting a permanent seat in the UN security council (at present held by the priviliged N5 Nations). I believe many of the waivers will wipe off, without harming the strategic policies of the country.

One simple question I would like to ask: Is India self sufficient with its nuclear technologies or does it really need to fetch the expretise from the west?

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