Wednesday 24 June 2009


I sat leisurely on green grass, supported by a tree next to a pond with the hat resting on my face. My jeep was parked close by and I was a bit hungry too, but I preferred being patient to capture one of the most soothing moments. Twittering of birds, cool puff of air and a vast blue sky wrapped across the green trees spoke ineffable.

While I was enjoying the experience, the rod made a brief shift, signalling that fish has been captured. Not intending to kill the fish, I carefully took it out and clicked a picture of the triumph! The beauty of this moment will remain with me forever in the form of a clip. I felt more accomplished, when I released the fish back into the lake.To mark the revelery of this accomplishment, I lay wondering small deeds can be extremly rewarding.

Author’s Note: Letting free is more accomplishing than holding on!

Monday 15 June 2009

Runaway Bride

Version 1: I jumped out of the window and sped my car to the maximum limits! I did not want to go back as I was not ready for it. I could hear the music and revelry outside, but I was not willing to tie a knot. Its not that he is not a nice man, but my understanding of a life-partner does not see him as a prospect. I argued with my parents, but they did not listen. They often introspect, if I am going around with someone. I am single and free!

Version 2: Getting the make-up done was tough as I had streams of tears rolling down my cheeks. I had always dreamt of marrying but not the one who was groomed for me today. I wanted to elope with my boy friend but he was a bit apprehensive about it. I felt as if I am forced into it. The make-up was done and I was taking the steps down to the road where noticed him waving at me, I ran to him and we sped away. I am happy today!

Version 3: He said, you can go if you love some one else. I looked up, smiled and ran out on the boundless road. I felt relieved. I had to stand up for my love and I could find it inevitable today. I head to the railway station where my love is waiting for me!

Author's Note: The idea stuck me after watching Vipul Shah's, Namaste London. The idea of bride running away during the wedding really facinates me!

Tuesday 9 June 2009

Is red the colour for brands?

I believe that red is the colour for brands, it expresses leadership, pioneering spirit, courage, energy, determination and spontanity.

Many global brands have red logos either in whole or a sprint of it. Let me list some brands like Airtel, Vodafone, Wills, Pizza Hut, Dominos, Mc Donalds, Virgin Mobiles, Virgin Airlines, Air India, Malaysia Airlines, Mauritius Tourism Logo, Kingfisher, Coke, Pepsi, etc. I am sure I missed many.

Techtonic examples of visual appeal from a local perspective are GIANI, Nirulas, almost all the Radio Channels, most of the TV channels, even a water vendor has red umberella as a shed! My recent visit to Indian Express' office captured my gaze on a wall which wrote the organisation's name on a red background.

I do not rule out yellow, blue, black as active contenders. But largely the can augment their appeal with red! Contrary to my hypothesis, we have many success stories without red like Jet Airlines, Idea, and ??? any other? Please let me know.

I believe that red helps in exploiting the identity of a brand. It helps in fearless and flamboyant display of existance. It has psychological & aesthetic affect while maintaining its eyecatching visual ability, that furthers association with the brand.

Your comment matters!

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