Monday 24 September 2012

Pick and choose - the tag

Shesha asked a few questions on her post The Tag. And here I am thinking a little beyond social  acceptance.

Though these questions seem simple,  I actually had to think a lot, phewww

a. "Forget and forgive" or "Remember and plot your revenge"? Situation, depends on the intent of the action, I would choose remember and plot your revenge.

b. Greatest thing that has happened to you till now?
My life, it is unique and interesting!

c. Do you really laugh/smile, when you write lol/haha/rofl on chat? 
Yes, I do. If situation doesn't permit a smirk makes way out of me.

d. Do you believe in Life after death?
I have to die to provide you with the right answer to this, as of now I live with a belief that there is no life after death.

e. Hollywood or Bollywood or any other -wood?
The dhinchak Bollywood!

f. Whom do you trust more with your secrets- Family/Friend/Stranger?
My secrets are engraved forever in a secret place.

g. Your views on Gay marriages - can you accept it in your family or in case of your son/daughter?
Yes.. I take pride in defying conventions.

h. One of the most interesting things about you?
My hair colour, it has been subject to quite a lot of public scrutiny.

i. How important is money? "Live today" or save for the "D-day"?
Live today, I try hard but fail to save.. sigh!!

j. Mind over heart or heart over mind
I cannot be harsh on my heart, therefore Heart over mind!

Now my turn... Pick one and tell me why ?

  • Sushmita Sen or Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
  • Salman Khan, Ranbir Kapoor or Booman Irani
  • Delhi, Jaipur or Singapore
  • Married, Single, Complicated or Live-In
  • Swimming, horse riding or Tennis
  • Gym, yoga or Judo
  • Skype, Gtalk or Mobile
  • SMS, BBM, Chat or Whatsapp

I blog because..

Here I go with a compilation of why do I blog perspective from fellow bloggers:

Shesha Chaturvedi
Ummmm I blog because idle mind is devil's workshop and I have so much cooking inside! I want to give other's my perspective on looking at things, then who doesn't like to show off a bit of social/technical or wtv intelligence they have. Life is all about expression, we never know how our life/or somebody else's life changes after the sharing of thoughts!
My comments: Shesha, my long lost and fairly long found kinder garden friend, and I are so connected. We have found so many similarities in the way we think and I love the way she describes her thought.

Amit Dang
its like get the fuck out of your mind and get relaxed!
but as you know since the time i have stopped bothering about all the social and political issues going on....I'm at peace with myself...kind of stopped blogging...but will get back on this soon..with a different approach probably;)

My comments: Pheww.. I was a little taken aback with the first line, my blog these words.. Thanks Amit for mellowing it down. I liked your opinionated blog posts, and somewhere I feel that it has to come back.

Durgesh Bhardwaj
Its like opening up ur heart.. No hidden agendas.. Serving ur thoughts.

My comments: From Durgesh's philosophy to his poetry, I love it all. Please blog a little more often,  I just can't get over that Majnu and Laila's poetry

Garima Om
I blog.... sometimes to let it out what I could not discuss with others that's why most of my posts are emotional and very close to my heart, sometimes I blog to try my hand on different genre of writing like poetry, story, quotation etc...sometimes to add to different points of view floating around to give others a whole new perspective to look at a particular thing/situation...all in all it gives me immense pleasure when the writer in me is able to 'paint' the imagination of the reader with words
My comments: I love her iQuotes, she uses subtle words to convey a strong messages.

Joy K Sahoo (The Brand Spy and The Sense of Joy)
To help out the hidden aspirations come out..
My comments: We recently discovered that eating is also a sense of joy (lifting the idea from his blog URL) and I await a few insightful foodies' posts :)

And finally, it's my turn... I blog because of the varied flavors.. I blog because this is one of the best incredible things to do on the internet. Just to give you an idea, for me I blog because of the beautiful feeling that I get with it.

With each post comes a connect, a fragrance and a memory. It is such a feeling which strengthens my faith and tells me that I can fly, something that falls on my face as the rain drops while I get drenched standing faced up on the terrace, it is like a a breezy summer evening on terrace or a winter sunny afternoon rooftop peanut treat.. 
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