Monday 24 September 2012

I blog because..

Here I go with a compilation of why do I blog perspective from fellow bloggers:

Shesha Chaturvedi
Ummmm I blog because idle mind is devil's workshop and I have so much cooking inside! I want to give other's my perspective on looking at things, then who doesn't like to show off a bit of social/technical or wtv intelligence they have. Life is all about expression, we never know how our life/or somebody else's life changes after the sharing of thoughts!
My comments: Shesha, my long lost and fairly long found kinder garden friend, and I are so connected. We have found so many similarities in the way we think and I love the way she describes her thought.

Amit Dang
its like get the fuck out of your mind and get relaxed!
but as you know since the time i have stopped bothering about all the social and political issues going on....I'm at peace with myself...kind of stopped blogging...but will get back on this soon..with a different approach probably;)

My comments: Pheww.. I was a little taken aback with the first line, my blog these words.. Thanks Amit for mellowing it down. I liked your opinionated blog posts, and somewhere I feel that it has to come back.

Durgesh Bhardwaj
Its like opening up ur heart.. No hidden agendas.. Serving ur thoughts.

My comments: From Durgesh's philosophy to his poetry, I love it all. Please blog a little more often,  I just can't get over that Majnu and Laila's poetry

Garima Om
I blog.... sometimes to let it out what I could not discuss with others that's why most of my posts are emotional and very close to my heart, sometimes I blog to try my hand on different genre of writing like poetry, story, quotation etc...sometimes to add to different points of view floating around to give others a whole new perspective to look at a particular thing/situation...all in all it gives me immense pleasure when the writer in me is able to 'paint' the imagination of the reader with words
My comments: I love her iQuotes, she uses subtle words to convey a strong messages.

Joy K Sahoo (The Brand Spy and The Sense of Joy)
To help out the hidden aspirations come out..
My comments: We recently discovered that eating is also a sense of joy (lifting the idea from his blog URL) and I await a few insightful foodies' posts :)

And finally, it's my turn... I blog because of the varied flavors.. I blog because this is one of the best incredible things to do on the internet. Just to give you an idea, for me I blog because of the beautiful feeling that I get with it.

With each post comes a connect, a fragrance and a memory. It is such a feeling which strengthens my faith and tells me that I can fly, something that falls on my face as the rain drops while I get drenched standing faced up on the terrace, it is like a a breezy summer evening on terrace or a winter sunny afternoon rooftop peanut treat.. 

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  1. Wow. We connect so much. And you have described your reasons for blogging so beautifully. When we look back to the published posts, its good to see what we thought, what were the reasons, how we sorted our thoughts. Its a good way of peeping inside our souls and see how we are growing as a person!


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