Thursday 30 August 2012

Reservation Relaoded

The advent of reservations.. We know all that SC/ST/OBC/ Gujjar/Jat/ Muslim/Christians/General Category  story, lets take a look at a refreshing reloaded version!

Reservation Part 1: The implementation of Direct Taxes code was not taken up in the national Union Budget 2012-13. In addition to Income tax people are forced to pay more service tax as well. Despite surge in inflation, there is a gap of equivalent appraisals. Rupee's value against Dollar is uncontrollably high and the value of gold is shining everywhere than on page 3. Sad we are forced to read all these bland news everyday!

Reservation Part 2: 
Your daily SMS limit has been reserved to 20 per day. This has been decided by the government as a lot of SMSes, degrading the government, were doing the rounds. And like an abla naari, she had to protect her integrity!

And the funniest of all is the Reservation Part 3: Seemingly agitated with the stride of protests in the Indian national capital, the administrators have  decided to go aggressive with their autocracies. Now that the police was done with the implementation of section 144, and knowing that amending one of the fundamental rights to protest is not possible, they have another nasty trick in place.

Excerpts from the Times of India Article posted online..
But with Delhi Police reportedly proposing to restrict entry to the grounds with barriers in the wake of recent anti-corruption protests at the site, and seeking to impose visiting hours citing security reasons, this way of life seems threatened.  
Complete article is available here

Be it any activity, crime, of a call to call off corruption, the government doesn't think about the ways to solve the issue, but sadly endorse LIMITED ACCESS! With this the sick though they have come a step ahead of its ways of 'reservation'.. Reserving our right to visit places in our own country.

Author's Note: This government does not let a pout of fresh air come in.. I don't want the government to be a nagging neighbourhood aunty. It want it to be someone with the style and pleasant personality as a 5 star waiter!

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  1. Shine as always, a wonderful, informative and well sorted post. So I have a say on every point. Lemme start
    1. People are also forced to pay VAT on their lands, government needs more money and then more money and then more money which has no end. Rupee is nothing but a mere paper.

    2. I dint understand exactly why govt took this step? Are they going to ban our internet connections, googletalks, facebook accounts, watsapp etc.? The messages will spread anyway till we are in a democratic nation.

    3. Woah! i had no clue about this one! (not much of a news reader) thanks for updating.

    So these reservations are like compelling one to wear a BURKHAA. Because government can not control it's own actions, it preferred to control other's vision. This is a POLITICALLY abused DEMOCRACY!


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