Sunday, 5 July 2020

Across the Seven Seas

Well well well. Well, I do not enjoy starting my sentences with a 'Well'! or with a 'So', or with and an 'And'! 
But (or with a 'but'...) I do that many times. 

I'd say that today I am in a mood to talk, I have wasted half of the day binge-watching streaming series, eating (and not enjoying it), contemplating whether to step out to the beach and face the wrath of a heatwave warning, here in Toronto! Yes, in Canada, we have heat waves leading to heat strokes. And (haha, you got me!) not to mention, being a redhead how terrible a sunburn I anticipate! 
Summers are beautiful here, and winters are dreamy. 
Rains? Well, Delhi scores better on rains.

Its been a little over two years that I moved to Canada for good. Being a Delhite, Toronto resonated most with me. It is not so much of this city, or an idea of a whole new world but what I have been able to do better while I choose to move across the seven seas! 

These are weird times we live in, I am sure you have read it, resonated with this idea umpteen times. As if the ending of 2019 was not dramatic enough for us activists, that we are in the midst of a pandemic. How being indoors makes us ponder?  Personally, I do not enjoy being idle. I like time off for sure and there is a hell of a difference between being idle and taking time off!

To begin with, I did not know what was ahead. It did scare me but it did not stop me. Perhaps it was something I wanted to do always and that's why it did not make me way too scared. But the struggles have been real. Right from understanding cultural sophistication to crossing the road - the first couple of months were exhausting. So much so that being 30 minutes outside would make my body demand a nap.

Overall in Canada, I have found good samaritans - many of them and sending you lots of love if you are reading this. Friends who are so far away that we catch up on a call - hope we meet soon. And to those who I have lost touch with, I wish you well. 

Author's Note: I know I slacked, the last few years I questioned myself whether I lost my flair for writing? I think it was so much going on that I could not focus much on writing. I did not plan this post, just on a lazy day, I picked up a book, was enjoying reading it and hope that I pass on a similar enjoyment to someone who hopped on this piece on the internet. 

Do drop in a word, it'd make me smile.

Photos (c) Shine Kapoor

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Metaphorical Maze | Day Thirteen of A to Z Challenge

Colored dreams, rarely bright. It gets bright when the world is burning. And air strikes cause havoc in an unknown town. It gets red, yellow and orange. And in some other part, it rains and cold breeze consumes all.  The narrative switches between dystopia and utopia, the reality is somewhere in the middle.

Friday, 13 April 2018

Love | Day Twelve of A to Z Challenge

It is not meant to be a mind-game. It should allow two souls to trust and be together. It should not be an exhibitionism of showing love by exchanging presents and posting on social media, but sweet gestures that do not need the validation of the world. It should be the validation that you get from within, and not from your friends and acquaintances. If it does not feel right, leave it. If it feels fine, don't let it go!

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Keep Going | Day Eleven of A to Z Challenge

Don't stay still, keep making strides. Sometimes that will take you stay afloat, and sometimes make your way opposite current. A few times move relaxed, and often just keep going. Refrain from thinking how long it will take, that's just an excuse you will feed to yourself. The time will pass anyway - you keep making progress. Do not take no for an answer, keep going. With each setback, up your game! Be better prepared to face any future tricky situations. 

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Just Glad | Day Ten of A to Z Challenge

Finding self, a real sense of who you are is something we must all relish. The world can wreak havoc on one's sense of self, chin up and own your identity. Own your sense of justice. Take sole responsibility for your life, create your own paradise!

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

I | Day Nine of A to Z Challenge

My words are akin to me. I was left without words for they are my lifeline. I took a long while to come back and start writing again. It was hard to write and find the right words to express painful realities beautifully, or show grief in prettiest of situations. I was at loss for how I would narrate a story, something in me would torment me that you wooed them, and they would never come back!

Monday, 9 April 2018

Heart breaks and Stuff | Day Eight of A to Z Challenge

Well, it just does not happen like that. Allow yourself to heal and allow yourself to mourn. Take your time, for a heartbreak - it is tough to get over. 
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