Monday 28 December 2020

Love, devastation, and its ugly intricacies!

The train was speeding in a tunnel, and so was something on my mind.

Thoughts snapping between extremes - yeses and nos, blacks and whites, darkness and light. 

So many of them, born as a tiny black dot, they keep getting bigger as they speed towards me. For all I could do was to dodge them.

As I opened my eyes and looked around, I saw people, and wondered how vast the unending depths of imagination could go? Each of them is consumed by patterns and spaces. They refuse to eliminate emotional fixations. Refuse to see within what their oblivion did to you, me or the world!

They do not make space, they create placeholders. Someone to sit next to, someone to hold hands, someone to tell sweet nothings, someone to feed on emotionally, someone to joke around with, someone to share their deepest darkest secrets with...

They do not give 100%, they just give as much as they can to keep the doors open. So they can swing by anytime they like. They call in love, but they meet you at a superficial level. They do fear the depths love brings, but like the way it sounds. 

The sound of love. How they say I am in 'love' and how they say I am now out of love.

Love, devastation, and its ugly intricacies!

Source: Neo Cha | The Importance of Ugly Art

Author's Note: We all work for the thing that we hold dear. We fight, throw tantrums, struggle to make it a success, we see it with a rose-tinted vision. We all have our own languages, and the moment someone comes close to figuring that out, we push them out. We hold our ugly intricacies dearer than the love someone held for us. 

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