Saturday 13 July 2013

Tick tock don't stop!

It takes me two days to wrap up my birthday celebrations.. And this one started on a lasting note. I did a few strange things, got carried away emotionally, but I do not regret them. I have the power to make good happen to me.

The best times during the celebration were:
- Nevitta's pout
- Rain and I got drenched (can't help it) and the fear on my sister's face that I will get hit my a bike.
- Nando's and my Kareena's pose picture :D
- No cake facial.. Sigh!
- My best buddies were with me on the D day <3 br="">

I am thankful for many people to be a part of my life, each one, the good ones, the bad ones, the ones who ended up hurting me and the ones I wish were with me right now. Thank you for being there and listening to my endless blabbers.. Those who know me know what it is like when I get into blabbering mode.

If all ends well, I will be ticking 30 next year.. wink. A very happy and rocking birthday to me..

Author's Note: I have resolved to look at things with a positive perspective and shoo away the otherwise.
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