Saturday 13 July 2013

Tick tock don't stop!

It takes me two days to wrap up my birthday celebrations.. And this one started on a lasting note. I did a few strange things, got carried away emotionally, but I do not regret them. I have the power to make good happen to me.

The best times during the celebration were:
- Nevitta's pout
- Rain and I got drenched (can't help it) and the fear on my sister's face that I will get hit my a bike.
- Nando's and my Kareena's pose picture :D
- No cake facial.. Sigh!
- My best buddies were with me on the D day <3 br="">

I am thankful for many people to be a part of my life, each one, the good ones, the bad ones, the ones who ended up hurting me and the ones I wish were with me right now. Thank you for being there and listening to my endless blabbers.. Those who know me know what it is like when I get into blabbering mode.

If all ends well, I will be ticking 30 next year.. wink. A very happy and rocking birthday to me..

Author's Note: I have resolved to look at things with a positive perspective and shoo away the otherwise.


  1. May you celebrate innumerable birthdays, with each day of every year ending as a celebration. Just remain the loving person who you are and most importantly my friends.

    And when you hit your 30th milestone next year, remember you've just turned a year younger.

    With lots of love and hugs! !

  2. Hi Shine,

    Wishing u a belated Happy Birthday. U celebrated ur B'day on 13th July & me on 16th. U'll be 30 next year & me 35. But life is all about fun minus years.



  3. Oh wow... Such a sweet update... A very happy belated b'day to you. Even tough we celebrated the birthday wishes for three days consecutively, they are still not enough. Wish your life gets more fun and frolic each day of your life and may you laugh like a kid carelessly forever... Love you!


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