Thursday 31 March 2016

A-to-Z Challenge [April 2016]

Hello peeps, treat this as my formal announcement for third attempt at the seventh edition of A-to-Z Challenge [April 2016]. Yes yes yes, it is happening, however this is the first time that I am so full of self doubt!

After such such busy days, and exhausting times, I finally found time to sit and write it. Well it is just about quarter past eleven and I am writing my announcement post after a wrap up of my organization's quarter ending meeting! Sounds busy eh #SlySmile...

My mind talk continues - Whether I will complete it, I have too much work and too much to do... Will I find time to pour my heart out of one of my most cherished possession, my blog in case you could not infer! My heart reassures me - I fared well in the earlier ones, and I do not have any reason to not participate in it this year. I won the last two - hang on, no trophy, just that I stuck through it till the end!!!

Here is a recap of my earlier participation:
A-to-Z Challenge 2015 - Reflections themed Random
A-to-Z Challenge 2014 - Reflections themed Emotions and Expressions

Here's the batch of participation:

I need good wishes, I want to get back to blogging big time and what else could be a better motivation than the A to Z Challenge?

Here's to the fellow bloggers who will sail in the same!
Here's a special mention of my special blogger friends - Shesha Chaturvedi and Christopher Roger D'souza! Just feeding your links here!

All the best to everyone who took on the challenge, may we all reach the end, and celebrate, discuss, cherish and laugh over this accomplishment in the coming times. Love you all my fellow bloggers!

As I publish, I am impressed. I turned it around pretty fast, in less than fifteen minutes! Please overlook the errors. #StraightFace
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