Wednesday 24 June 2009


I sat leisurely on green grass, supported by a tree next to a pond with the hat resting on my face. My jeep was parked close by and I was a bit hungry too, but I preferred being patient to capture one of the most soothing moments. Twittering of birds, cool puff of air and a vast blue sky wrapped across the green trees spoke ineffable.

While I was enjoying the experience, the rod made a brief shift, signalling that fish has been captured. Not intending to kill the fish, I carefully took it out and clicked a picture of the triumph! The beauty of this moment will remain with me forever in the form of a clip. I felt more accomplished, when I released the fish back into the lake.To mark the revelery of this accomplishment, I lay wondering small deeds can be extremly rewarding.

Author’s Note: Letting free is more accomplishing than holding on!


  1. This is what Gautam Buddha uttered when he took care of a swan shot down by a hunter's arrow: The saviour is greater than the killer!

    I liked the fotos on your posts - fotos that prompted you to create stories around them.

    Go on...

  2. here I am posting it.

    please please please don't take it offensive.

    your story and concept was awesome. And I know I can't write even 1% as yours. But still I am writing. here is the another view of your beautiful story:

    It was a beautiful day...not just because it was clear day. On that day I found my lost dad.
    According to us some shark had him in lunch 2 yrs ago. I never felt that much happy before that day.
    Me, my friends and my dad were roaming, racing and having fun which we never had in last 2 yrs.
    Then in the afternoon I was hungry and as a good dad my dad started searching food for us.
    Then suddenly he called us and showed us a worm...I was about to cry because he still remember that how much I am crazy about eating worms.
    He went up to catch it for me and when he grabbed it, he was out of water. I was shocked and stumm.
    I was numb. Before I sort it out what just happened a flash appeared and my dad was back.
    It was like my heart started pumping blood again. He told me that someone caught him, clicked with him and let him free.
    It was just for fun.
    That whole week I was just thinking that how can someone risk others life for his own fun. For him it was fun but for my dad it was his life
    And for me it was something precious then my own life...

  3. As goes the famous saying....

    Let it go..If it comes back to you it was always yours....other wise it was never meant for you

    Most of us just cannot let go.....we cling and we grope and we pull and when she breaks away we cry...


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