Monday 15 September 2008

Mirroring the terror!

I was at Gaffar some ten – fifteen minutes before the blasts! I would have been in Central park at the time of blast.

For terror it’s easy to blow, because they don’t believe in the power of construction. As they are not a party to the Indian booming story, so they wish to form an account to deconstruct the economy.

“Revenge of Gujarat” is what they call the series of blasts that terrified Jaipur, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and New Delhi. After Gujarat riots, as per the estimates made by a media report, close 2 lakh Muslim kids will never get to interact with Hindu counterparts. Such a scenario is helpful in facilitating hatred.

The passage from Gaffar to my home was an unusual sort on September the thirteen, 2008. Everybody had a question, but they did not know who is the right person to address it to. A simple question which spells with varied faces as:
Why do they blast bombs? Am I safe? Are my family members / friends safe? Will I reach home Safely? God forbid if I get to hear any mishap to my near or dear ones? The restlessness on the faces of people around spoke volume about the terror they witnessed. Every passage seem as if some curfew has been imposed and we can’t exercise our right to freedom, right to move freely in our own city.

Many theories will come up, but for me the real answer lies in mending the ways we at times through authoritative judgments for the people of other community.
Live and let live! Why we can’t just do it??

I felt ashamed for the Delhi state and the Indian central government, who came out to condemn the attacks. But what concrete solution can we follow to actually curb such tendencies? Do they not know that terrorists can blast, and do we not know that the government and top officials will condemn these prospective blasts?

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  1. April 19, 2009

    Dear Ms. Shine Kapoor,

    I read your blog briefly before, and now closely. I am really happy that you got saved from the blast.

    I had once told a senior police officer that I never saw reports in the press about challans resulting from cameras placed at the crossings. The same cameras were reported out-of-order at blast sites too. When will we learn ?

    I once told the Jt. Commissioner of Police (Traffic) at a CII meeting (I was in safe territory, so I could tell what I did), that if there is one traffic-policeman, perhaps he is watching the traffic. But, if there are two of them, they are looking at each other (talking to each other), without bothering for the traffic. He glaringly looked into my eyes. I remained silent thereafter.


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