Monday 15 September 2008

rOcK oN !O!!

Lets get to the serious business, its no child's play, but we all can find association with it. Its called 'dreams, aims, motto, objectives and aspirations'. Rock On! presents a true depiction of music and spirit, of dreams to fulfillment, from pals to passion!

The movie begins with a bang and ends with a bigger bang. Its a story of four friends and shapes up as how destiny brings them together to actualise an unfulfilled dream.

Some ten year ago Aditya the singer, Joe the guitarist, Rob at the keyboard and KD strums the drum. Today Aditya is well hi-flying investment banker, Joe is still looking for work, Rob is working as a music composer and KD is with family's jewellery business.

Ten years ago, they got an opportunity to make a music video. The boys wanted the video to serve as a platform to establish their music band
"Magik". But the notoriously cunning producer mended their theme and the ended up spiting the group.

In a fit of anger Joe walks out or the shoot with a tough blow on the producer's and Aditya's faces. Aditya withdraws and went on a hiding in Delhi. Rob and KD are clueless and Aditya's girlfriend helplessly grief about the incident.

Ten years down the line, Aditya's wife tries to reunite the friends and they decide to reform their Rock Band
"Magik". Ultimately the Magic happens on a sad note, Rob had brain cancer. Debbie, Joe's girlfriend turned wife wants Joe to follow a secure profession and was strictly against him singing for Majik.

Ultimately it turns out to be an ideal story, where they sing at a concert and take the crowd along with a passage across the oceans. The movie conveys that one should follow her/his heart, and passionatly work towards achieving dream.

Please comment with how did you like the flick.

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