Monday 15 February 2010

Buzz Around Valentine's

My commiserations to the lover fraternity who couldn't celebrate the Valentine's day on the 14th, given a Sunday and parent questioning post all the hype created by news channels about the eve. So on the 13th decided to take a stroll in the market to study the revelry a day before. To my anticipation, most of the couples were together, celebrating the day in advance. 

As I had plans to go out on the day i.e. Sunday, no VHP / BJP / RSS or allied body demonstrated their anger, over celebrations of Valentine's day. Though their protests hardly bother me, I have faith in my self proclaimed punching/slapping and hitting capabilities that I decide to move out of house. Moreover when I introspect I believe  that I am capable of fighting with five people at a time - so a typical example of the fact that looks can be deceptive.. 

Too much of blabbering about something thats beyond the point, getting back to the D day celebrations! Many of my friends questioned on facebook, whether we need a day to express love? I don't have any opinion about it! All I feel that if we don't need a day for out Valentine, than do we have to celebrate a day to acknowledge the onset of a new year/mother's day and the likes? At last I feel that the day provides an opportunity to convey to significant people that you care, it could be your best friend or a boy friend. 

Author's Note: I use to dread moving out of home on V - Day, as young turks start acting foolish. This time I did go out and stood corrected about that years old misconception. 

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  1. i might b replyin very late on this post, but Shine Di, this is my 1st comnt on ur Blog, thou i njoyd readin each n evry post o urs, but readin this one n comntin on this wz easier thn on d otha posts..
    i dont knw wht VHP / BJP / RSS hv problm wid Valentines day, its n easy way o showin off thr power n thy also exsist, but this smthin realy serious, thou this time arnd thr wer not much anger show arnd d city or country, but still, thr wz a hesitation in leavin home tht day, being d day fallin on a Sunday wz more thn enough for many 2 go out freely, Parents getin worried, too many restrictions n all!
    Thou evn i dont like celebratin nythin thts not ours, i mean Valentines day, too much American, but celebratin this day in a very Indian way, n being wht u r wid out being wht u aint, its a day whr boy's n girl's, frnds n otha ppl show thr love for thr loved once, in a socitey thst gettin too much busy in their own life, wid gettin enough tym out 2 express thr heart out for ppl thy actuly luv n care a lot...

    ny ways, m jst gettin carried away here, jst wannin 2 appreciate your post, n hv a look @ sm o my collection on my website or check this page out for a Valentines day special collection..


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