Sunday 7 February 2010

Pleasing the Goddess

Hindu College is all set to worship Damdami Mata. For all the priests out there, who don't know about the legendary goddess should brush their knowledge. Delhi University North Campus students who don't know about this Valentine's day ritual should work a bit as a campus scribe.

The boys in the college worship Damdama/Damdami mata to bless them so that they can find love of their life. No body knows who started this ritual, but it has been followed with dedication for years. Last year Katrina Kaif played as the goddess, and this year under all possibilities its going to be Priyanka Chopra. 

The rite starts with a puja of Virgin tree, decorated with balloons, where all the guys of college collect and pujari is Mr. Fresher. As the Valentines day this year falls on sunday, when colleges are closed, the rite will take place on 13th February 2010's evening.

Going back to some 8-10 years I recall an incident where a friend told be that they would rather propose a girl with a cauliflower on valentine's day than to splurge on a rose petal. The cost of rose jumps to astronomical figures during the festive time. 

Author's Note: Now that the Valentine's day is approaching, I have gotta shortlist the most prospective valentine I am gonna head out with ;P


  1. No Comments on the post as I have never been to college....Sorry Shine...U have an uneducated friend...atleast in terms of these Pujas and stuff for Valentines Day.

    Ha ha I like ur labels for this post though

  2. interesting indeed!!

  3. Hey I did not know this either Shine. Thanks for adding this to my knowledge.

    I found it hilarious though as it is hard for me to believe that her blessings can make someone find his true love. College is so much fun nooo.

    Prospective Valentine huh :P

  4. @ Samit - wts with labels?? I think they quite fall fit into the post.

    @ Rohit - Thanks

    @ Nish - Yep, college is so much fun~~

  5. n do you know they even do the aarti of damdami goes like om jai damdammi mata maiya jai damami mata........though i dont remember the full version but even the aarti is quite hillarious.........

  6. Thats what I said Shine.....thats what I said....

    I like the labels....

  7. never knew about it... People pray hard for love :P
    BTW best luck for v-day :)

  8. @ Anu - Im sure many other would be a part of that hilarious ceremony...

    @ Samit - Great u liked the labels~~~

    @ Shesha - Thanks.. I have lot sa plans for the V Day~ Wt ru doing?


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