Monday 11 March 2013

Kill the crime

It was while listening to the FM in morning that I got to know Ram Singh, the prime accused of Delhi/Nirbhaya Rape Case, has committed suicide. He used his shirt to hang himself and to bid a good bye to this world. I do not know if it is something to be happy about. There have been innumerable protests, social media campaigns and media crusades against the heinous crime.We have made all the hue and cry about the need for justice for Nirbhaya. But, I have a question running in my mind, is it justice delivered? Was it meant to end like this?

My apologies to those who might find it outrageous that I am comparing him with the legends. But may be in his mind, Ram Singh might have tried to be a Chandra Shekhar Azaad of the present times. If you can't win, don't let other's decide your fate - shoot yourself with the weapon. He had a shirt and may be a place to hook it up, and even a chair or a stool. Pheww now that's a lot of maybe's.

(Angel for one devil for the other - For us Azaad was a patriot, but if you see it from the perspective of Britishers, Azaad, Bhagat Singh and other revolutionists were labelled as criminals. That is for me to discuss later ) 
Ram Singh led the crime and now the leader is dead leaving his 5 accomplice (including a minor) in a soup. He was the leader for the day, but he succumbed to whatever... I doubt he would have felt ashamed, even for a moment, for his deed.

Although some doubt that two of his inmates, who were also present in his cell, might have killed him, making it appear as a suicide. Some even think that the authorities at Tihar could have planned to kill him like this. And for those spiritual lot, Nirbhaya's spirit might have driven him to commit this act.

Author's Note: There were varied opinions, many were happy. What I noticed that people have been indicating on FM and public platforms that if the culprits of Nirbhaya rape case do not get a stiff punishment, killing them will be a cause in the hands of a common man. When a common man wants to get up and kill the culprits, would not it be a proliferation of crime - at the mass level?

Point to Ponder: Who will take the responsibility for the crime of killing the criminals? It is important to kill the crime, and criminals will vanish!


  1. I still of the day when Nirbhaya could have avoided that bus. Perhaps today she would have lived amongst us. BUt the very next moment I think, had it not been her, another woman would have been prey in the hands of these criminals.

    There are several Ram Singhs amongst us. Don't know how many more Nirbhayas we need to sacrifice for crime to kill itself.

    Nice turn you gave it Shine.

    An interesting angle you gave it Shine.

  2. Anupriya: Had it been a different topic, I would have said Thanks.. I don't need appreciation for what I have written. I need my right in my city where I can walk freely at any time.. Without those eyes scanning me and without people brush passing me.

  3. Shine I feel that if it is a suicide- it was an easy escape against what he did to that poor girl. Though I feel it is not a suicide as he was living in that cell with other four inmates and nobody noticed that he was given a bucket on which he planned his death by tying his shirt on the cieling. Not convinced. And if they kill him - it is satisfying!!! Though now i feel death sentence is a very small thing before what he did. May Damini's soul rest in peace!!!

    1. I totally relate with your thoughts. Plus the authorities want to drift away as many of our leaders, including the yuva neta Rahul Gandhi are trapped on rape cases. It could be a tactic to bury the issue of reviewing law.


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