Sunday 24 November 2013

A part of me

Sometimes when I am up to sleep
A dream knocks on my mind
I am awake and dreaming
and this is what I find

Here's a long road
And not a sight of life
It is all deserted brown sand
and a zig-zag concrete line
I look back
It is similar both sides
Some move back, some move forth
It is a matter of a fight to find me

A part of me moves ahead
A part of me stays there
And a part of me goes back
Here's what I find

I moved back to pick up my broken self
I stayed to wait and see
I move ahead to embrace the unknown
Each part of me was more wiser when they came together.

Author's Note:  There is no right or wrong, it is just that each step teaches us something new.


  1. Thumbs up! Beautifully written, I loved each line of it! Seems author is somewhere stuck up in the middle of a road which leads of infinity on both the ends.


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