Wednesday 30 September 2009

Flash part - V (final)

This is the final part of the Flash sequel!
Do read the initial parts here: Part I, Part IIPart IIIPart IV..

Listening to something can never be as devastating as experiencing the same. For us the number years that we could have been together, passes like a trauma and feeling of helplessness for both of us. I could feel the pain and dismay he witnessed, as I was a part of him! 

I decided to take him to a therapist, though he sounded reluctatn, hopeless, helpless etc. The decision turned out in our favour. Today we are together, taking those seven years as a bitter reality of this world. He has started following his passion, and his art pieces are renowned globally. I work with him for the marketing of his paintings and art pieces. 

We have two kids and a happy family. We urge everyone to live life to the fullest and dont breakdown when standing in a difficult situation. 

Author's Note: Great that I finally posted the last part of the sequel. Many friends wanted me to end it in a fashionable way. Hope I did it as per their expectations!

1 comment:

  1. this idea of short n sweet story is good.. i liked it.. good goin gal..!!

    keep it up
    i'm always with you :)


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