Wednesday 23 September 2009

Visuals speak

You call it; themes, templates, background bla bla bla~~~

I call it the reflection of my blog. 

Finally I changed the theme, something different from the regular theme available in blogger. I did not know that googling a bit on ' blogger theme' will take me to a new world. A world which will put a background on my blog. I had to search a bit to choose an apt one, and I still cant figure out how to correct, or set default font etc. 

Here is how to change it:

Layout - Edit HTML - paste HTML code or download the template and upload the background - confirm changes and you are done. -  a bit confusing, a YouTube video on its home page was helpful

Go ahead bloggers, give a beautiful background to you blog. 

Author's Note: Should a blog be visually appealing too?? The visuals should speak a thousand words!!

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