Monday 14 September 2009

Meddling with maps

China teases India, build international border. The map clearly corrodes India's throne. 

I was a bit careless about current affairs off late and the news here, urged me to go back to 1962 Indo-China war. China is no doubt stronger than India, and this is a natural tendency that a powerful neighbor will try and impose its dominace on the weaker counterpart. 

Well India too is a big nation, but it behaves small. I dont see why should we sit idle, anticipating next moves by China. China for sure will be insensitive to India's reactions. But let it me. We have to give equally pumping punch to China. 

Now it takes question, whether India is capable of it. I would say yes India is capable of this, therefore we have to show that the missels paraded during the republic day parade work. 

Alright the point is taken, now the issue of human rights violations come up. 

The truth is that we live with the idea that since India lost the battle of 1962, India can never come out. But the trick should be to keep judging your limits. This is what all the superpowers do / did. Be it US, Soviet Union, and now China. 

China cares to differ in everything like
- Currency Fluctuations
- WTO membership
- Seek status in ASEAN
- Meddles with international borders
- Sings the song of SEZs
- UN Security Council

India on the other hand wants to pretend as a week follower, like
- I too want to be in UN Security Council
- We too have SEZs, though I dont see any need of exports processing units in a capitalist economy. Give it a better defination that what has been given by China
- Taking anti-dumping measures for Chinese goods, rather than having huge potential of dumping services in China. I would not like to touch on it any further as I am not well informed about this domain
- Wht China is friends with Pakistan and not India

Please dear policy makers, stop pointing fingers and move from what is visible. Dont do what China is doing. This will only make india a sharing associative relationship with China, dont be like a small fish which swims behind the shark. India has to come up with its Jumbo fancy and get things in shape. 

Investments are coming to India, but what benefit is it giving to the large pool of small and medium industries. Entrepreneurship is high on the spirits of India, but this has been segmented to a niche population. The term has been confused with businessmen who move upto other domains to extensify businesses. Nothing concrete has comeup as an exceptional case study on entrepreneurship from the services class.

Author's Note: India has to come up with its Jumbo fancy and get things in shape. It has to become a shark which swims alone. 


  1. Nice post Shine...needs some polishing.....

    The problem is not India and China. The problem is India and the mentality of us Indians.

    I say thank God the British ruled us for 200 yrs and gave us a place for the President to stay and the parliament to function and the defence ministry to defend from. Can U imagine where the President wuld have ruled from had the Britons not come.....some place like Patel Nagar or Kirti Nagar (the places which we built outside Leutens Delhi)

    We lack self discipline, we lack the will, dedication, determnation. I dont know why....Maybe U can think it over and write a post on it. I have seen Indians behave outside...PERFECT....obey rules... courteous..everything....It is all forgotten as soon as they get back to India.

    What I am getting at is that, we need to sort out these issues within our selves and then we can take on any country..even US , forget China.

  2. Thanks Anonymous!

    I completely subscribe to your thoughts, with a little change in ideology.

    I don't take pride that Britons / mughals ruled us. This is the reason why many of us are embedded with ideas of being administered/told if we are wrong, and mend their ways. Many take pride in going what is prohibited. It brings some sort of satisfaction in them.

    Indians actually dont want to acknowledge responsibility! Try relating you comment which says, We lack self discipline, we lack the will, dedication, determination.

    Why is it so?? Coz we need directions to come out in perfect fashion. Thats why Indians behavior outside is PERFECT....and as soon as they are back in their homeland, they feel that no one around will scrutinize us.

    Plus I would want to highlight Metro etiquettes, that have come out due to CCTV shield. Know fact: "people in India don't behave" and the moment u step out of this shield, people come back to their notorious behavior.


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