Thursday 30 July 2009

Flash - part I

It was a dark night when I realized that I am not asleep yet! Digging into the mobile phone kept next to the pillow, I realized that its 3:19 by the clock. The sky was all mysterious with frequent lightening advising that water may pour anytime. Knowing that I am not going to fall asleep anytime soon, I decided to walk to the terrace. Ironically the advent of spring saddened me. 

I still get petrified when I recall the mysterious night few years back when a flicker ran on TV, “Plane with 183 on board crashes in Indian Ocean”. Gyan was amongst the passengers and all were believed to be dead. 

I made frequent rounds of the concerned officials to find a ray of hope, to know if he is alive. Seven years have passed and I have received a letter to undertake the formalities associated with his insurance claim.

From terrace I saw a shadow surfacing on the street, without sensing who the person is, I ran down to the door. By the time I opened the door, it started raining heavily. I stepped on the street and he was right in front. The lightening on the sky rejoiced with the homecoming of Gyan. He is alive. We hugged each other and cried out for not being together for so long.

Author's Note: Don't loose hope be it love or life! Please read 

Flash - part II.


  1. well!! come up wit it soon i am waitin...

  2. oohhh damn cool beginning. its too thrilling. cant wait for the concluding part.

  3. Yes guys am working on it! Hope it turns out well.


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