Thursday 30 July 2009

Flash - part II

NOTE: Before reading this please read the first part of this sequel at Flash - part I

They say do not speak you fears aloud, that they may come true!

I thank god that I did not. He was back and I was not dreaming. We settle inside our house, I looked up to him with unfathomable number of queries. I just wanted to know where he has been for so long. He was tired grown a bit old. The glow on his face was missing. But his eyes were stuck on me, as if he wants to realize that it is not a dream. I too wanted to shout at the top of my voice and make the world listen that he is back, he is alive and he is still in love with me. He went ahead saying your love helped me survive. Said that he wanted to live in a state of grungy just to get back to me and thank for being the most wonderful person.

He then started to narrate the episode which brought shivers down my spine. He said, I was at the cross-roads of endless nowhere. As I gained my conscious I was lying on a rock surrounded with beautiful sea. As I lifted my face I saw huge stream of water ready to engulf me. I braved it and got up. Behind me was a beautiful sight. At the outset I thought that I was in a beach. All I could recall about the plane crashing episode was shouts of people and how I reached this place was beyond my sense of comprehension.

He said that he lived in inhumane conditions, and never thought that he will ever be able to come out of the island. He suffered and survived on fish, plants and coconut water, reinvented fire and cooked food for so many years. He was rescued after 7 years when a contractor visited the island. I wonder how the rescue operation missed him when the Island was a mere 3 km from the spot of accident!

Author's Note: I plan to write more such sequels. Hope this turns out well. Flash is first such venture. Hope you all enjoy reading it.


  1. Yes I truly enjoyed reading it. A short and sweet post. Waiting for further 'Flash' sequels. Now that I've started reading the story, I am inquisitive about the end :)

    Keep writing..

  2. I am speechless. so many emotions put together in one story. only true love can save u from the grave incidence in our life. pls dont ever stop writing such stuff...

  3. The writing was beautiful i could clearly visualize the the surrounding on the island .keep it up ..
    I am waiting for the next sequel.

  4. The writing was beautiful.I could clearly visualize the surroundings and locations . you have made a good attempt the srory become alive.
    Keep it up...I am waiting other sequels..

  5. hey wat happened next? don't keep me waiting for so long... i am waiting eagerly to know... till now the story was very gripping & interesting specially the last line...


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