Monday 27 July 2009

Yet to catch up

I am yet to catch up with self-proclaimed target of uploading at least two stories every month to my blog. For the month of July, I am left with a few days to catch up!

The month has been full of ups and down for me. The client I handle in office has been on a spree to revise the mandate, credited to the global meltdown. I liked the work profile (primarily content developer for one of the most prominent industry chambers), which now is getting lost in the air.

Second I was down with viral for more than 10 days. On my bithday, which falls on the 12th, I was bed struck and did not celebrate :-(

Third, umm nothin everything else is just in full swng. I enjoyed the view on friday (24th July 2009) when the clouds engulfed the sky. The picturesque scene from the fifth floor office is still very much fresh on my mind. I remember that I just wanted to step out and feel the breeze!

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