Monday 6 September 2010

Rain and Adventure!

An adventure trek, a rain cycling expedition, swings & snails, a true culinary delight, re-living childhood, planning to make it big! All in one.. and that too on a Sunday!!

My long lost and recently found friends (Shesha and Rochana) called, asking if I would accompany for a cycling trip tomorrow. No prize for guessing that I was prompt to agree. Cycling and that too at Bonta (Kamala Nehru Ridge, near North Campus, Delhi) has always been my favourite. Unlike the all concrete Gurgaon, or uncomfortable gaze of Noida people.. My city has diversity of being the classic city and the nature at North Campus invoke a sense of I in me. Despite being born and bought up in Delhi, I still feel that there is so many yet to be explored weekend-getaways I got to visit. 

My plans for the trip kept tossing between 'yes I can get up' and 'no I'm too sleepy to get up early', I messaged her with a very heavy heart that I don't think that I will be coming, as getting to sleep that day was tough. But the excitement for the trip kept a mental alarm on me and I was awake by 4:45..... Great I messaged her and fixed meeting at 7.

Adding to the euphoria was a cloudy morning. So thankfully its not going to be too hot to ride. I keep going for these trips and have stumbled quite often. Now I am no more wary of loosing track and falling head on, perhaps, I feel that it is all the more fun to fall while riding a cycle. And I already warned my cycling buddies to not make fun of me if I fall... 

Five of us assembled at DU Metro Station by 7:30.. It was raining cats and dogs! We kept our stuff at a safe place and rain did not deter up from taking on the planned adventure trip! We hired cycles from the Metro Station (as economical as Rs. 10 for four hours, do check the breaks).

After exploring bonta, where we met the monkeys, snails, worms among others, we planned to visit Xaviers. As we had two of the alumini with us who were more than eager to reach their school that they sped their cycle often and often waited somewhere on the way for us to reach. But it was me and followed by Shesha who got there first :p!

Then we gorged on Chole Poori and a glass full of Lassi at Bille Di Hatti, Kamla Nagar! After that we headed straight to the destination from where we started, slipping the wheels of our cycles through logged waters.

Back home I realised that it has been really long that I took rides. Got to visit WOW soon! Lets plan guys...

Author's Note: Nothing can stop me to take an adventurous trip. Not even 2.5 hours of sleep.

P.S: Click here to read what Shesha has to share!


  1. Shaila Srivastava6 September 2010 at 16:02

    Hey..Im jealous!! U had so much fun...Keep discovering new sports:-)


  2. Dont be.. You are welcome to accompany us~~

  3. hey i go for cycling too in north campus..but ur lucky dat dere was less of traffic n u njoyed d ride as i never njoyed it too much coz of excessive traffic and rash driving by stupid guys...

  4. the best part is the chole puri and lassi after rain cycling...

    next time call me...

    hw dare u did not call me for such nice trip????..... grrrrr

  5. good to see a techno-holic girl with long forgotten mode of transport, exploring delhi on cycles can be a great idea!!!!!!!

  6. Its good to RELIVE your college days:).......

  7. @ Salone: Just aviod those loosers~
    @ Kundan: The plan was dicey! Otherwise I would have called you~
    @ Vikas: :D
    @ Jinsy: True

  8. Well saidddd.. Nothing can stop us.. although we slept for double hours than you but there was no sign of sleep.. as god was throwing water on our faces Big time!! hahahaha..
    P.S.- i have become lalchi nowwww :))

  9. @ Shesha - I guess u are getting lalchi as u cant wait for another one!! I am on for another expedition.... Just lemme know the time and I just wish that this time it rains heavier :D


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