Monday 13 September 2010

Riches and the Poor

So how many of you know about Salman Khan's comment on Mumbai attack on 26/11 2008? What is your opinion on the entire crisis? And the aftermath!

The moment I held newspaper in the morning today, I could relate his statement to something which is highly terrorising and has been instigated by the state. Guess what? 

Lemme guess what would cross your mind, Maoists? Naxalites? Attrocities? State turning into Mafia? Land Acquisitions? Upset Tribal society?

No, none of the above, perhaps some of the above can be related to it.. True, when Salman Khan talks about the hype created as the rich were targeted. Attacks on poor is rarely of interest to anyone. Influential people make the world dance to their tunes. Its the poor who are subverted. 

Usmanpur flooded! Otherwise the city of Delhi would have been flushed. I can recall, every year such stories grab the headlines during monsoon. The State of Haryana releases water, which leads to flood threat in the capital. But in the meantime some other poor village is flooded to save who? Moreover we have a better argument to support the flooding of small villages. You see Delhi is holding CWG 2010, a big international sports event. Delhi cannot afford to project such a miserable situation, especially after thousands of athletes have backed of due to threat on Security, Health (read Dengue) etc. 

So much so drill runs have started on the dedicated lanes in the city roads are being reserved for the tourists. You see to save them from the harrowing traffic that we Delhites encounter everyday. 

How many of us? read females come across instances of inappropriate gestures, harrasment from random men. I dont think any of us would be an exception to this. These men belong to each of the segment of society, be it the affluent or the others. They seem to have been thinking that they have all the rights  in the world to insult a woman. Behave guys, otherwise soon we will get to learn that a dedicated transporation system has come in place to ferry the tourists.

My point is to begin with the floods, why the city has never considered saving and using this water? Why is it that water shortage news hogs the headlines and why do we always flood the areas where the poor reside. Furthermore, does the government ever compensate the flood victims? I am clueless about it. Save water, makea mechanism to do that, we have this opprotunity now, rather than doing it when we are head on with the crisis.

Second issue is the comment by Salman Khan, I feel he has said the truth. Why did he apologise then? Probably because this byte was given to a Pakistani channel. And BJP did not help but tap this opportunity to strengthen its hindutatva agenda.

CWG 2010, I am really happy that these games are happening in India. It will bring in prosperity and beautification of the city is already visible. But my point is why is it being done to receive the foreigners? Why did the government never think about the capital before? Why is the civil society being taught to behave now? I, as a citizen of the nation, of the city, have to be treated with if not equal, but more respect. Because I am again amongst those who, in the near future would be voting under section 49 (o).  

Author's Note: People here criticise, probably that is what I am doing through this post. No one seem to be convinced that CWG could happen in Delhi, around three weeks to go for that. No one could take a democratic remark by an actor, ultimately he had to say sorry. No one heard the villagers, who had their houses flooded! Isn't it cruel and violent?

P.S.: Islands of prosperity cannot sustain with the sea of deprivation


  1. Hey Shine!Great comments to the government...

    you can address such problems by writing letter to the President and PM of our country...

    It may sound funny... but someone has take this initial step and why not you bcoz u hv the right way to express these serious concerns.

  2. @ Kundan: who am I, a common citizen. I doubt they will listen to me. I will try this for sure~~ Thx for ur suggestion :D

    @ Ravi: Your message isn't clear to me, pls elaborate!

  3. @shine di, about writing to pm, i tried it nuch nahi hota,
    about CWG then trust me neither they are interested in receiving foreigners nor in the beautification of city, it was just a golden chance,jahaan sab ko milega aur jee bhar k milega, and lastly about rich and poor, 36% people in this country are near of below poverty line, MPs MLAs ko unki yaad just election mein aati hai aur what makes the situation worse ki humein tab bhi nahi aati, ek example dekho agar kisi hadse mein 10 workers ya labors mar jaye to humein wo baat sham tak bhi yaaad nahi rehti, par agar rahul ghandi ko karonch aa gayi to 10 din tak wo news ghumti rahegi, aur humein yaad bhi rahegi,,,
    nice post bs thoda sa incomplete laga,,,

  4. Thats what Ravish, the poor who are subverted... No matter what craps is being talked about uplifting the society.
    Incomplete post! I would love to complete it, tell me whats missing??

  5. nice thought and so apt.even cnt stop myself from getting agitated of the headless people around us who are ruling us

  6. solutions and your self remarks on salman's statement, and yes di i want you to write on kashmir issue, and one thing i missed out, please just think over this, this years the amount of food went waste was sufficient to feed 25 cr people for one year, bpl families in india 22 crore (approx) SC asks govt to distribute surplus grains but they say that govt can not afford distribution cost, they are not afraid of SC any more. near about 8 states not following SC orders of giving minimum 35 kg a month they still distributes only 20 to 25 kg,,and still only these people win election and come to power,,,,hw n why no one knows,,,

  7. Right Ravish!! But I believe that little knowledge is dangerous, so I wish to get a good understading of issues before writing on them.

    The Supreme Court was never meant to scare anyone.. We have mechanisms like Judicial Activism.. Its just that the judiciary (unlike our politicians) dont wish to overstep their limits.

    Talk of corruption its omnipresent! So be it judiciary or the government - bad people stick around...

    And these corrupt people come to power only because many of the eligible voters don't vote!

  8. yup,,last election wale day i was in delhi,, i did not spot a single person in metro or bus with votin mark on his/her fingure.
    aur ek ajjeb si baat hai par hai sach bina paise aap chunav nahi jeet sakte,,,aur jo 5 crore laga k jeeta hai wo 10 kamake hi hatega,,,
    well kabhi aapse mila to discuss politics mein bahut gadbad ghotala hai,,,,,,

  9. check out this myt like it ... true love story!

  10. About Politics
    politics is more of a profession! these days in our country and not just a social relations to represent a set of people or to uplift concern society...
    To be a politician all you need is to be diplomatically correct and skill of manipulation of your own ambiguous statement to what so ever direction profits your business..err political party.. :D

  11. To b honest 4 the first tim i belv Salman was rit wid his comments and thought.
    But it was manipulated by media.
    CWG could have been big scars on the Indian but thanks to Milliatary who showed some spontaneous work and spirit to set the stage ready.
    N in the end it was aour players who keeps us high,
    Though Hockey makes us disappointed.


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