Tuesday 21 September 2010


This post is dedicated to all the fellow and aspiring blogger. Through this post I attempt to share how I reach to the blog post ideas. Its not rare that I get up in the middle of night just to scribble a few thoughts that can make an interesting read. Sometimes I post it on my blog and sometimes I do not (perhaps not when it reveals some deepest darkest secrets)...  

What are ideas? Especially for a communications personnel, we have to come up with innovative ideas. Adding to this is a blogger's zeal to sound interested to the dedicated stream of readers. Most of the followers/readers of my blog ask how do I come to think of these blog post ideas? This is one of the second most toughest question I come across, the first one is when people ask me to define myself. 

I believe that a blogger has to be creative, with an understanding about the concepts. And most importantly have an opinion, biased or unbiased... I as a blogger try to be as objective as possible, but the universal truth remains, each one of us live with spectrum of our own biases, steming from preconceived notions, psychological setup, concerns etc. Opinion develops from thinking. So a blogger has to think, and develop an opinion about the topic. 

Moreover, reading helps a lot. It not only helps in developing an instinct for catching ideas but also in understanding the flow of writing. No two people can write the same, the way of expression differs. A blogger should stick to her/his own writing style, rather than copying styles from others... However one should improvise on their own writing style, with newer ideas and way of expressions. Its something like those people who keep changing their attitude to mimic the the group they hang out with or people they wish as their ideal. So while writing a person should stay original and simple. That's what being classic is all about! I believe that anyone can write, its simply putting in words what you really feel :)

Author's Note: This is one of my midnight scribble post~

PS: I dont think I have to upload a picture to each of my blog post.. Reaffirming this belief is the state of mind which reads, I am being lazy! 

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