Saturday 4 September 2010


The only thing I am fearful of is when I see a Lizard around.. I am not scared of rat, dog, perhaps, even a lion!But when I see a Lizard, what crosses my mind is awful!.

I jump away the moment I see a lizard, as I imagine the lizard's shooting tongue aiming at me.. Like it does to insects. Now in less that a blink of eye, I have been gorged by this small reptile. Awful naa?? No!

Well then read on if you really have the guts of spend time here.

After that lizard becomes huge, hunting for the next prey. Its bigger than I was. Its haunting you now, right?? Well I would not know if it really haunts you or no, but whenever I see a lizard this thought always crosses my mind, and I freak out!

So I think about the concept of fear. What is fear, not the dictionary meaning here... I mean to ask what do you mean by fear. Something like what I explained above.

My belief is that fear is the threat we see from something unknown. I have never been friendly with lizards. But now whenever I come to my sister's room, I don't scare away from their pet Lizzy... Probably my sisters are in good terms with her and she does not seem to be targeting me as a prey. But I know the ones who keep roaming around in my room are no less than a monster!! Eeeeewwwwwwuuuu

PS: Share your thoughts on Lizards!


  1. And u know me, i fear lizards, spiders, frogs and so on.. insects are not good to gaze at from a small distance. euh! and about Lizards, i remember the day when i opened my room's window and something fell over my head, and when i just rolled up my eyes without any other movement, i saw the face of a lizard.. i was shouting, running, and crying around.. My mom said "oh if the lizard fall on ur head, u get fame and respect in your life." That made me curse the superstitions, due to which the seriousness about the accident was vanished. :D

  2. ooohhh gosh dis pic itself is so scary.eeewwwww i hate lizards....

  3. @Shesha: I knew how u were feeling when U were telling himanshu to not touch the snails~
    @Saloni: Very true!! Lizards make me get goosebumps..

  4. Shaila Srivastava6 September 2010 at 16:15

    I too hate Lizards!! especially the black,ugly ones..I'm still scared to open cupborads esp in Monsoons becoz of the fear of some tiny or big lizard waiting to attack me .....simply gives me goose bumps and No good luck at all!!


  5. haha, good post :)
    Slippery slimy looking creatures do not look adorable to me either, I would feel nauseated if i happen to touch one of them or worse crushing one under my feet accidently, and same goes for all slippery slimy creatures - lizzards, small fishes, worms, they all make me think, what if- One of them touches me!! ewww


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