Monday 30 August 2010

When Fever Strikes

Blogger has been really unwell... Last 11 days played a prank on me! Anyways now I am back to my real khadi clad, kajal smudged self :D

This is what happens when one is bed ridden for whatever time.. Initial days, the patient thinks that I will get back to normal in one or two days, its just the weather playing havoc to my health. Friends and relatives call, asking  about wellbeng. But hey I am on medication, I should be getting back to sleep, as it is I am already feeling sleepy... ZZZZzzzzz......

After around two days of expecting that the medication will work, the patient here in question i.e. the blogger feels that something isn't right. My face seem to be swollen, and by the end of the day mercury on the thermometer rises to something like 102 / 103 °F.. Huhhh by now the blogger feel that every sound is irritating her and she needs some peace of mind. Whoever enters the room reads this unwritten law to keep silent, to avoid her geting up!

Again an appointment is cracked with the doctor. A family doctor! He likes my name, and probably thats the reason that I dont wish to change my doctor. Each time I visit him, he pays a compliment to me, which helps me feel great during those sickining times. Moreover I have been treated by him for years now, so he probably seem to be knowing my medical history.. (as if I have been too ill for long.. huh)

This is the conversation I had with the Doctor...
Doctor: Hanjii Kapoor Sahab, kaise ho? ( How are you Mr Kapoor? Though it should have been Ms Kapoor, but this is also cool)
Me (well great respect has been bestowed upon me, but still): I am not really well. See my face its swollen, and I have fever too. My head is aching and spinning too..
Doctor: Swollen! Is it swollen? Taking out the Blood Pressure instrument. (I dont think that instrument is made for me, Ignorance in bliss)
Mummy: Yes, her face is swollen, and she has fever too, by night she gets sick.
Doctor (After being reaffirmed by mum): Hmm, and (while touching my forehead) Fever?? Naa, U seem to be cold. (While checking the blood pressure, which read normal).
Me: I do have fever, Im damn sure, just put in that thermometer.
Doctor: Smiling and taking out the thermometer

And as I knew I was in fever, the thermometer read 102 °F, and this was when the doctor's eyes popped out, with his hand reaching my head, telling me, you are cold, but you have fever. This is not good. I will change your prescription, get some tests done.Take whatever for five days and I am sure you will be fine.

I uttered all that thoughts going on in my mind, it is Dengue? I have rashes too, or is it Typhoid? M fever shoots up during the later part of the day? Or is it allergy, see my face is swollen, its possibly due to allergy. 

Well call me once you get the report of the tests, was what the doctor said. 

Tests, that too blood tests, where a syringe drills into a vein and  takes the blood out? Naah, Im not scared of it.. I am pretty ok with it. The reports were fine, so no Dengue (thankfully) or Typhoid (cool). But yes it was allergic reaction, posibl the first severs allergic reaction I have ever had in my life. Dont really know what caused it.

Back home I knew that the moment I will pop a pill, I will fall asleep. And I so much wanted to sleep, with my head spinning like a pendulum. 

Some of the characteristics of fever:
Even minor sound makes you get irritated.
Often turn the phone on siklen mode, coz guys I cannot talk, the more I talk the more I feel sick.
I want my mum to be around.
I wanna have coke every now and then, along with whatever sweet.
I develop hatered for the typical meal. It smells wierd, please keep it away from me!
Folks at home dont have to keep coming to me asking how am I feeling. Let me just rest.
I realise that I had been silly for wanting to get sick so that I can stay at home. I could have just took off!
Author's Note: When fever strikes, its awful. I wanna stay healthy and in my full spirits always!


  1. i dunno why but during my school days and college days i liked to eat hajmola during fever.. :D
    Thank God it wasn't dengue or typhoid and my frnd is okk.. The allergy might be due to getting drained in rain :P :P

  2. Nope Shesha.. That time I did not get drenched in rain... I believe that allergy was probably due to heat and no rain :(


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