Tuesday 17 August 2010

Spoofs & Bribes

With the spoof stories doing the rounds regarding the Common Wealth Games Delhi 2010, my ideals regarding bribes have come out stronger and clearer. Corroborating the fact that bribing is the part and parcel of administrative life, I have a suggestion to make.

But before jumping to suggestions and conclusions, click here, its a worth read and funny!
Now back to bribe scrutiny. I subscribe to the thought that the administrative should not be held completely guilty of taking bribe. Due to the penalisation clause in bribe laws, the administrators have to faithfully complete the task they are being bribed for. Please note I do not completely suggest letting the guilty go without any punishment.

This is what has been mentioned in the book 'A Passage to India' by E M Forster. The author outlines a scenario where he presented a contrast amongst British and Indian office bearers. The British would not do the task even after taking hefty bribes. While Indian, by nature are so faithful that it comes as a moral obligation to do the task. They take bribes, do the task and end up being in soup, pity!

What is important is to change the system in such a manner that anything with or without bribe will function in a specified way! Yes it requires a lot of checks and civil rights awakenings. So what we have the first step on the civil right movements, the RTI, which out fellow legislators have tried to boil down quite a few time but to no avail.

P.S.: We already have lot of courageous people coming in front to employ civil rights for a better, unbiased and bribe free society by fighting the system. We, however, need a set of system, the solution is in putting the pressure on the civil society to know that bribe (or similar illegal instruments) is not going to help.

Author's Note: I am enjoying the stories doing the rounds on bribes and spoofs ;P


  1. nice post.really liked it.normally people only talk abt the problems and no one even touches the solutions.u even suggested solutions too. good one

  2. Thanks Jazz.. Well the credit shuld go to Mr Forster!!

  3. yup credit goes to mr foster, bt u share it equally, especially for click here content, mamta behenji is really great,,,,,

  4. thx ravish!! wts wt mamta behenji? didnt get u

  5. are di, wo fishy ----fish----bengali----antibengali-----ultimately --vote for me only m ur only leader kinda stuff from mamta banerji,,
    and yup, GET WELL SOON, waitin 4 another such post,,,

  6. @ Ravish :D

    Great to knw that ur waiting for ma next post....


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