Thursday 12 August 2010


One of the ways of solving a problem is to make it even bigger.
That is what our administration does. What if there is an issue, make it even bigger so at least the initial problem boils down!

A dog with a bone in his mouth doesn't bark. A dog with a bone in front of him doesn't bark either.
The later one would not bark as he wants the bone!

Billi shee sikhaiya, shee billi khaan aaya (Punjabi Quote)
Translation: Cat taugh the skills to the lion, and in the end lion tries to kill the cat.. 
But the wise cat does something.... She did not teach the lion to jump on the tree, and that ways she fought all the odds

Author's Note: Above listed are the quotes, which made at least a person like me to think. Mode philosophy again! Please post your comments with quotes.

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