Monday 2 August 2010


More often than never in search of that perfect one, we fall for wrong choices. Some are purely infatuation, some one sided love stories and some are feelings that cannot be defined as just friendship!

This was a crush for sure! I happen to meet him at a college get together. First look and that sly smile reaffirmed that he is the one for me. I could recall that college romances are fun and full of excitement. Waiting to catch a glimpse of him in the crowded corridor. Staying back till late in college with a thought that he may ask me out again. Well this was not a college romance. I am a professionals who has just struck 26! All the aunts and uncles come home with the prospects of suitable match. But no one quite have those factors that I get me down on my knees and ask him out!

Asking him out! Yes I mean it, I believe that if I can find a guy who fits in the parameters of "my man", then I will not shy away in taking the plunge and ask him out. Whats the harm in it? Atleast I will not live with a regret for life that I never ever told him that I liked him.

Well back to present! I am at this college get together and getting to meet a lot of college mates! Though I did not even know his name, I was already feeling jealous with the female attention he was getting in the auditorium. Thankfully I located a college senior, Arnav who seem to be in good terms with this guy. I made sure to talk to the senior and try getting hold of this guy's identity.

Me: Hey Arnav
Arnav: Hey
Me: How have you been? 
Arnav: I have been good. What about you?
Me: I have been good too! So what are you doing these days?
Arnav: I am in the family business. What are you doing?
Me: I am a freelance documentary filmmaker. Well that reminds me that I am doing a project on family businesses. Would you be interested in a chat over the topic sometime next week?
Arnav: Sure
Me: And who is that Guy with a sly smile?
Arnav: Well he gets all the female attention where ever he goes!
Me (uncomfortably) : No, its just that I thought that he can feature in some of the projects. He has those photogenic looks! Sigh 
Arnav: Oh, well in that case I can introduce you to him. But just for courtesy sake, don't fall for him. He is not into girls!

Author's Note: All nice men are either taken or gay!


  1. good one, .. nice men are opportunistic too.... so there is always a chance that you can find a nice men easily rather then "your man "

  2. Yep Vikas.. But my man is my priority! Nice man can follow ;p~~

  3. HA ha ha.. What a coool post.. wonderfully written and i enjoyed it thoroughly ;)
    Nice man Can follow up! absolutely right :)

  4. Glad u liked it Shesha!! writing such stories require me to take a nap! I often dream abt such cool stuff~

  5. And...crash..! The moment I thought, it was building into something real dramatic n perhaps, came to a abrupt halt!

    Why does all the crush-building-into crescendo-scenarios finish like that! Sight***..

    Enjoyed it..:)

  6. One more thing Shine..quite a few times..I see visitors coming from your thanks for that..:-)

    I did try to find your email but it always opens outlook express which has some serious issue with my system..;)

    Was intrigued with your content developer profile..I am into Freelance writing would have been nice to get your email id..



  7. Hey Mritunjay.. Great to find ur comments, thank you for all those compliments!
    You can email me at :D, the ID is available on the profile as well~~

  8. @ Jazz: I can relate to it too ;D

  9. Well, the after-feeling of knowing a 'good-looking guy' is a gay is MUCH better than knowing that he is taken (by another woman of course). ;)


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