Wednesday 19 May 2010

Neither a Male nor a Female

The civil society does not acknowledge any sex other than female or male. What if I was an eunuch? The thought crossed my mind when I located an eunuch last night. It crossed a crowded bus stop sporting a salwar kameez, flaunting cleavage and lips smudged with dark brown shade. It did not smile at anybody just looked around with a plastic smile. 

Think about it for a while before you read further.

What would you be doing for livelihood? 
Would you be knowing about your parents? 
Would you be cursing the society? 
Would you be happy with the way people treat you? 
Wouldn't you want your elder brother to take you for evening ice cream treats?
Wouldn't you want your grand mom to read stories to you?
Wouldn't you wish your mom make your favorite food on your birthday?

You are forced to live a rotten life just because your reproductive organs does not exist or work.
Either at birth or during the puberty years, outsiders will claim right on you and (in most of the cases) force you to join their brigade.
Some of you might be living with your actual parents who have succeeded in either hiding you sexuality or have been fighting with the society for acceptance.
Some are being abused, harassed by the society for something thats not anybody's fault. 

I highly endorse that the society should acknowledge the existence of this gender at par with male or female. They are not to be left out, after all they are like us, they fall sick, they too have emotions and a bonding with their loved ones. Let them study, work and move around just as we do.

Author's Note: Not just female gender bias, the society does not accept eunuchs as well. Is it suppose to be just a Man's World?

PS: Did you notice that I had to address them as 'it' neither he nor she. Sad it is! 


  1. Nice thought..

    I too feel that they have a right to live the way they want to. They are as human as any of us then why this discrimination.

    It's really a pity how they make their livelihood.

  2. well written post. I guess the bias exist more in India or the neighbouring countries! I have still seen people taking blessings from them. and respecting them for wtv reasons. On IBN or some other news channel there was a talk show where one eunuch was interviewed and who shared his success story. He was an M.A. in some stream (i dont remember) and was working with an organization for the rights of the people like him.
    I dont know why the parents let their child, if eunuch, taken away from them by the eunuch community. The way we keep other children with us, irrespective of their physical, mental or anyother incapabilities, why not eunuch??
    They should be motivated to study and be a part of the society and should be given equal rights to survive, develope and enhance their lives!
    Great post shine!! Keep going!

  3. u knw dat their blessings are 1 of the most imp. thing for the New born baby
    also we shld not get them into the situation where they use wrong words for us as it comes true (wat we say as Shap)

  4. Ohh yes I missed that their blessings are most sought. At the same time they are cremated during the dark hours wishing that they don't reincarnate with this gender.

  5. shine...u always shine like a STAR with your writing's always refreshing and informative to read your blogs...keep up the good writing...GOD BLESS....


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