Monday 3 May 2010

Ajmal Kasab, Abdul Geelani and The Aamirs!

Ajmal Kasab today has been pronounced guilty of murder, conspiracy and waging a war against the nation. No verdict on his punishment is out as yet. 

I am generally against capital punishment. And when I use to read news which read "hang Kasab" I always differed wondering no one has a right to take someone's life. Today morning I differed in my perspective when I read that an 11 year old girl got crippled for life as she was shot on her leg by the terrorist.

The story reads as: Ajmal Kasab and his cohorts may have shaken almost the entire city during those dark days at the end of November in 2008, but a young girl held her nerve and nailed him in court six months later when she identified him as one of the CST attackers. "Kasab should be hanged. When I identified him and narrated the incident to the court, Kasab didn't dare look at me. I do not fear anything and will stand with the prosecution till Kasab is punished," said the girl, who is now 11 years old. 
"You can click my photo and show my face in the paper. I don't fear anyone," she said on Saturday. The testimony of the girl, who fell unconscious after being hit by a bullet in her leg, was also among those that were a turning point for Kasab in the trial. Earlier, the Pakistani often appeared cocky and confident in court, but his demeanour changed as survivor after survivor identified him as one of the gunmen. On June 10, 2009, the young girl appeared in crutches in court and identified him from among the three accused. As soon as she pointed him out, Kasab, who was standing for the identification, slumped back into his seat.
The entire story is available here. Now isn't that heinous, scary and leaves one crippled when u think of the girl? Anything that renders someone of their senses, emotional or physical wellbeing and natural ability is disgusting and beyond my ability to put it in words. 

I have had my share of apprehensions especially post 'Syed Abdul Rehman Geelani' saga, an innocents being framed up for the Parliament attack in Delhi on December 2001. I thought most of the innocents have been framed up by the cops to cover up their negligence. 

Moreover I always believed that generally terrorists are not scared of death. After all they take up such missions in the almighty. They are mostly sure that they will not be caught, and if at all they will; be their plight is not communicated to the people who got introduced them to this nexus.

Here I am also obliged to mention another angle to the terror grid. The one which was showcased in bollywood movie 'Aamir', and Rajeev Khandelwal bagged acclaims for his performance. The movie is set in the backdrop of London bombings and Mumbai based muslim India doctor working in UK plans to return to his family. The radical mafia makes him dance to their tunes, tortures him, keep a tab on him and ultimately makes him to plant a bomb in a bus. I wonder what proceedings would the judicial system take up for the  in which an innocent man was framed up to plot a bomb in bus? 

So at the end I am scribbing the lyrics of song Aani Jaani from the movie Aamir:
aani jaani... hai kaahani
bulbule si... zindagani
banti kabhi bigarti
Tez hawa se ladti, bhirti
ha raham, ha raham, farma e-Kuhda
ha raham, ha raham, farma e-Kuhda
mehfuz har kadam karna e-khuda, e-Khuda
mehfuz har kadam karna e-khuda, e-Khuda

Terrorism is easy money for the young. Be it sikh establishments fighting for Khalistaan. Once a friend confessed that he and a few of his fellow surds, on and off are being approached by one such organization, promised good money while initiating such deals very casually on roads. Educated and well to do people might not take up these tasks but anyone who does not see a secure future would fall in such a trap.

This nexus can somehow be related to those poor, illiterate women who have to get into prostitution for financial security. Same goes for those people who take up terrorism for financial security.  

Author's Note: Each day, early morning when I take a dip in the newspaper. I feel its getting more of a man eat man world. 


  1. This is so true. Neither anyone is born a terrorist nor one opts for it deliberately. It's the circumstances that turns a person into a devil.

    A nice post again :)

  2. Hi,
    Amazing post. I wish I had written it but no matter how hard I try, would not have written better than urs.

  3. Thx Nish
    @ Jas: Your posts are better than mine.. Keep writing, I look forward to them


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