Friday 14 May 2010

Price of Life!

Sitting on a rocking chair.
I feel tilting towards front and the back with cheer.
I reach for the gravity with every gear.
I feel the thrill on a rocking chair!

Riding a bike on a pristine night.
Feeling the rain drops in my eyes.
I reach for veracious limits from every sight.
I feel the passion on a biking ride!

At a park with greenery and birdie pie.
I admire the panache with which she flies.
Hopping from branches to endless skies.
I feel the life in a greeny pile!

Breathing air in and outside.
I feel that I gotta live life king size.
My dreams await me to reach and smile.
I feel its worth it to give life a fair price!

Author's Note: Second verse :), the first composition is here .


  1. TRUE! Its worth it to give life a fair price..

  2. Hey Shine, this is really Kool yaar. Great thoughts! its really amazing the way you put your thoughts in words. Keep writing...

  3. Hmmm always enjoyed ur writings and loving ur verses now.

    Lookin for more :)


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