Wednesday 16 June 2010

Mister Bean

Today I happen to chat with Kaabil Kavi which has inspired me to write a kaabil rachna. 

Heres how it goes:

Mr. Bean took a Train.
Hopping on it from pane to pane.
He heard a kid calling his name.
Asking if he is really insane!

Mr. Bean said nothing and got off the train.
Sat on the platform with a humpty dame.
As he cried the dame asked why.
Telling him its not his fault to be insane.

Mr. Bean said nothing and walked towards the road.
It had lots of traffic and a few moroon.
Each passed by him laughing at him.
Telling him its silly to not know he is insane.

Mr. Bean was sad and did not know where to go.
He went back home and slept on the couch.
Dreamt that its ok to be insane.
He smiled and took the train!

Author's Note: This verse is dedicated to Kaabil Kavi !


  1. is this the same 'kavi' as we know?

  2. No pukh. its not abt Mr. Ghee.. Its abt Kaabil Kavi, click on the maroon text and you will get to know abt it :)

  3. Hey I liked the concept. It goes with his character and u've defined it well.

    Get going :)


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