Monday 17 March 2014

Five Lessons from Candy Crush Saga

As I crossed level 100 on Candy Crush Saga, for the second time - because my phone had to be formatted and since I did not sync the game with my social account, I had to start all over again. Just to be on the safe side, now it is synced to my Facebook account.

Candy Crush is not just a game, it's a self help application. I learnt and those who want to know, read on:

Self Help Lesson # 1 - Failures should not stop you: When I encountered repeated failures while struggling to crack levels of Candy Crush saga I found this hidden lesson. Some levels are easy and some are not. You keep failing in some, while you get past some easily. It is the addiction to succeed that keeps you going.

Self Help Lesson # 2 - Help from your friends makes the game smoother: There are some levels that you need your network to help you in order to pass through, otherwise it will take more time - you have to get past three previous levels, all over again. Seeking help is normal, you may require help to make a tough task easier. Be open to receive it, and be generous to give it.

Self Help Lesson # 3 - There is no short cut to success, your strategy matters: After being stuck on a level for more than two months, I was thinking about a shortcut. What stuck me was there could be a trick online, may be somebody might have uploaded a video to indicate how to crack the level. There was nothing, just a little wisdom - get rid of the chocolates first. Now, on Candy Crush saga, chocolates are like weeds here, they keep growing, diminishing your chances to clear the level. Strategize to kill the weeds, keep climbing to the next level.

Self Help Lesson # 4 - Some trials are not forever, number of attempts are bound: Now there are bombs, which are moves-bound. On the level that I am, it requires the user to diffuse those bombs in order to survive through the game. Similarly in life, you have to burn a few bridges, in order to pass through. 

Self Help Lesson # 5 - Chocolates (weeds) and Bombs (time bounds) may co-exist: As you go further, there are levels where you will find both - Chocolates (weeds, point 3) and Bombs (time bound, lesson 4). Do not give up, fight harder. At the end of each success there is repeated failures, many obstacles and a sense of getting past them.  

P.S.: Those who fear driving, should opt for racing games. A few crashes, and that addiction to keep trying to reach to the next level could take away your fear to hit the road. 

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  1. Interesting observations! Am sure quite a lot of us would implement these in our daily lives.

    The most important lesson it teaches is to move on - and leave behind all the tough times with our own effort and determination.


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