Thursday 27 March 2014

Stench, stink and more..

You are known for the fragrance you carry. Smell is also believed to carry a memory along with it and vice versa..

  • That's why when it rains we love the smell of wet mud. And wet mud reminds us or Rains. 
  • Paint's smell carry a memory of clean and fresh environment.
  • Fragrance of fresh pakoras remind me of the day when I got my barbie married with my sister's teddy bear.
Smell is not always pleasant. Sometime is too unpleasant that you run away. But there are situations when you cannot afford to run but hold your breath. Yes it happens in loo when your stomach is upset. But what about situations when you cannot run away. I experience it every now and then in metro, women hold the handle to maintain a balance, but their armpit stink. You can always run away, only if there is space. Else hold your breath, because these kind of people will stand next to you practically everywhere, no matter where you try to hide.

What is so typical about these kind of people? When they talk their foul breath pollutes the air, when they walk past you, their sweat add a pungent tinge to the atmosphere, the moment the take off their shoes stink exudes, it is just the word stinking that comes from their attitude. The worse part is that its the people around them who suffer. In order to put a stop to it, I have listed a few techniques, to-do list when everything about someone stinks? Here are some quick tips to bell the cat without being bad:

What if your boss stinks? I had a former boss who use to stink and the challenge was to stand besides him. Here are some of the tricks I learnt during my association with a stinking boss.

1. Leave a polite anonymous note. Tell them that they have a bad body odour, or bad breath and they should do something about it. It is damaging their reputation. I bet the person will sprinkle some deodorant the very next day. Though continued usage of deodorant or perfumes is not guaranteed.

2. Actions speak louder than words. Show them that they stink through your actions. Carry a hanker-chief and gently block your nose when you have them around. If that is not possible than take a deep breath by intentionally creating a distance. This will make it apparent that you are attempting to breath in fresh air.

3. Send them a parcel with deodorant  and/or mouthwash. Now the choice is yours whether you want to put your name on it or no. A deodorant can still be take as a present, but the chances of a mouthwash being considered a present are grim.

4. Involve them in discussion around people who stink. May be they do not know that it is socially awkward to stink, they will get enlightened with such discussions that are not directly targeted at them.

5. Say out loud.. Somethings stinking here, and look right in their eyes. They will make them cautious and if they have some civic sense, they will move away from you..

If the problem still persists then avoid contact with them, or just muster the guts go and tell them.

Author's Note: If nothing works, bring them on to this blog post.

P.S.: Through this post I have officially entered into contest participants fraternity by Indiblogger and Racold.


  1. another solution could be that you politely offer them some mint or gum asking them, "Want some?" (With a smile, of course).

  2. Lol! this is a nice one! One would surely bring them here if nothing else works:)) All the best for the contest :)

  3. LOL I've known a few who stink a ton, by they never seemed to care

  4. @Anupriya: Thanks for the insight.
    @Shesha: Hoping to find traffic on this post.
    @Pat Hatt: You are so right, people who stink never seem to care.


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